How diabetes can lead to high blood pressure How diabetes can lead to high blood pressure

If you have diabetes, you are likely already aware of the precautions you should take concerning blood sugar, but are you also aware of the often silent issue that can go hand-in-hand with such a disease– high blood pressure? As many as two thirds of people with diabetes also have high blood pressure and this doubles the risk of heart disease in those with only high blood pressure.

What is High Blood Pressure?

People with high blood pressure struggle with pumping blood through the heart and blood vessels, requiring too much force to do so. A normal blood pressure for most diabetics is 130/80. The top number, systolic pressure, is the pressure in your arteries when your heart squeezes and fills the vessels with blood. The bottom number, diastolic pressure, is the pressure when your heart is at rest.

How does Diabetes contribute to High Blood Pressure?

In diabetics, the body resists insulin which the body needs to process sugar, so sugar builds up in the blood. The body then makes more insulin, which causes the body to retain fluids and salt, a risk factor for high blood pressure.

Over time, diabetes affects small blood vessels, causing arteries damage. Atherosclerosis – the stiffening of blood vessel walls results in more pressure needed to push blood through your circulatory system. High blood pressure problems and diabetes together increase the risk of other complications of diabetes such as eye or kidney disease. The symptoms of high blood pressure are rarely noticeable but if suffering long term high blood pressure (hypertension) symptoms may be:

What Can I Do to Help Myself?

If you have a family history of diabetes or are a diabetic, monitor your blood sugar. There are behavioural changes you can make which can positively affect your health such as stopping smoking, eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight and taking regular exercise.

Sometimes behavioural changes alone are not enough to control your blood sugar and medication is needed. We sells a range of diabetes treatments for both Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes online in the UK including Metformin, Trulicity, Lantus Insulin and Byetta (Exenatide). Your doctor can discuss with you the best medication for your type of diabetes as well as the recommended dosage. We have information sheets and guidance available online to help manage diabetes. Visit our website to find out more.