Products for better Hygiene and Protection of Health from Corona Virus
A lot has been spoken about the malicious Corona Virus – Covid-19 disease currently plaguing the world. Since there is no cure, a number of protective equipments have been highlighted by the healthcare professionals to be brought into everyday use for the protection and prevention against the Corona virus. These have been there in the market for a while, but have now become essential commodities in dealing with this pandemic, which has taken away the lives of over 2 million+ people and rendered many sick and still battling for life.

Products for better Hygiene and Protection of Health from Corona Virus

Corona virus is a highly contagious and infectious disease caused by the newly discovered Covid-19 virus that attacks the respiratory system. This disease has caused a pandemic and several people from almost every nationality have died from this vicious disease. It started in December 2019, hence its name “Covid-19” and is still plaguing the world at large. There is no cure, nor are there any vaccines for this virus as it has just surfaced on earth. Many scientists are working to find an immediate cure or a vaccine so that not many people have to lose their lives to this disease. Several clinical trials are ongoing. However, there are many ways and methods by which one can protect themselves and their loved ones against Corona.

Fever, coughing and difficulty in breathing are the first symptoms that one has been infected with the Corona virus. Young children and older adults are at a greater risk of getting infected with this virus as their immune systems may be low. General guidelines have been circulated all over the globe and include washing hands repeatedly at least for 20 seconds and covering all areas of the hand, using a hand sanitiser repeatedly even after proper hand wash, using a mask to cover mouth and nose, using a glass shield over the mask to cover the eyes, maintaining social distance of at least 6 feet or 1.8 meters, and not touching your face can help prevent this virus from entering your blood stream.

Despite all of this, there have been over a few hundred thousand deaths all over the world due to this deadly virus. About 210,268 human beings have reportedly lost their lives as of 27 April 2020 due to Covid-19.

This brings us to all the gears and possible equipments one needs today to deal with this virus.

Corona virus testing kits

These nose and swabbing kits are being created in a hustle and being transported all over the world in a hurry. These tests include taking a swab of the mucous from the nose and throat and sending it to the lab for the RT PCR test. The lab detects the genetic composition of the pathogen. If the virus exists it will be detected at this stage. If the kits are used while the symptoms are mild, it may not be caught at the first instance. Secondly, the virus does not last for very long periods of time on the swab. Therefore there is the need to get it to the lab and run the tests in record time. Thirdly, Corona virus disease is essentially a lung disease, sometimes, the virus maybe dormant and may not show up on the swab test. In order to beat all these odds, the doctors are using additional methods such as chest scans to find the presence of the virus.

Disposable safety gloves

The healthcare industry is making maximum possible use of the disposable safety gloves. Hands are the most common ways by which contamination spreads from one person to another and also from our own touch into the blood stream. It is mandatory for doctors and nurses and other healthcare providers to wear gloves while treating patients. As a patient you can ask your attendee to wear gloves if he/she is seeing a patient without wearing them. Disposable gloves for sale are available in the form of rubber gloves, natural latex gloves, Nitrile, rubber, cotton or plastic disposable gloves. Due to the high number of tests and shortage of almost all medicals supplies, healthcare professionals are using plastic gloves, but the best kind of gloves would be latex or nitrile gloves. You can buy them at Pharmacy Planet. These will be delivered to you at your desired address in the UK.

Face masks

Are the most protective barrier against diseases like Covid-19 that spread through droplets and microscopic particles. Whether you have been detected by the virus or not, it is essential that everyone stepping out of their homes must wear a mask. This is because sometimes patients are asymptomatic (meaning not showing any symptoms), they also may be carriers of the disease. Masks of many different types are available in the market such as the N95 masks, surgical masks, “P” and “R” series masks. However, if you are not a healthcare worker, a simple surgical mask may be sufficient in keeping you safe. Healthcare workers are required to wearN95 masks when dealing with patients. Masks are categorised as personal protective equipment (PPE) and their demands in the market have skyrocketed since the advent of Corona. You can buy face masks online here and they will be sent to your location.

Glass shields

When a person coughs or sneezes, micro particles may enter the eyes of the person standing close to him. Using glass shields over the face along with masks has proved to be an adequate protective gear to prevent this from happening. This is usually prescribed to doctors who are in very close contact with the patients on a day to day basis. Once the virus enters the blood stream through any way – eyes, breath, touch etc – it becomes very difficult to predict the turn it will take on individual person as this is the nature of the this super virus. Scientists are still working to create a vaccine against the disease. And there is no cure. Prevention is only possibility of beating this disease.

Apart from the above mentioned protective gear that one can use to prevent the virus, other techniques that are working out well are things like social distancing. At least a distance of 6 feet needs to be maintained when out in public. Do not cough or sneeze openly, instead do it in your elbow to prevent spreading through spraying of invisible droplets. Avoid gatherings and visiting public places. Wash yourself and keep clean as much as possible. Use hand sanitisers frequently. Do not keep touching your face as you never know consciously which object was touched that might have particles of the virus and may enter your own body. Avoid physical contact with anyone like handshakes or hugs. Gargle with salt and warm water if your throat starts to feel icky.

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