Wound Dressing

  1. Top wound dressing types for optimal healing

    What Is The Best Dressing To Promote Wound Healing?

    Many minor or superficial wounds can be treated at home with just a few supplies you can get from a pharmacy, meaning you won’t need to visit your GP or an A&E. One of the most important supplies you will need is a dressing to protect your wound and help it heal. A dressing is covering to place over the wound and the one best suited for you will depend on the type of injury you have.

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  2. Proper techniques for dressing wounds

    How To Properly Dress A Wound?

    Whilst sometimes alarming, cuts and abrasions are a normal part of everyday life. Most minor wounds do not require medical treatment and can be dressed and treated at home. If a more serious injury needs medication or care, you may need to dress it whilst you wait for help. In both cases, it is important to dress a wound carefully and correctly to prevent further injury.

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