byetta (exenatide)

  1. How diabetes can lead to high blood pressure

    Does Diabetes Cause High Blood Pressure?

    If you have diabetes, you are likely already aware of the precautions you should take concerning blood sugar, but are you also aware of the often silent issue that can go hand-in-hand with such a disease– high blood pressure? As many as two thirds of people with diabetes also have high blood pressure and this doubles the risk of heart disease in those with only high blood pressure.

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  2. A guide to long-term management of type 2 diabetes

    Type 2 Diabetes: Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Treatment

    Type 2 Diabetes is common in almost 400 million people worldwide. And that is why it’s important to learn about this illness and its treatment to help you in the future.

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  3. Foods that support diabetes control

    What Are The Best Kind Of Foods To Help Control Diabetes?

    Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is branded as lifestyle diabetes because commonly it is present in people who have a poor diet and who are overweight and inactive. Not everyone in this category will go on to develop diabetes but environmental triggers are certainly one of the contributory factors. There are diabetes medications available from your doctor to manage the condition.

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