Migraine Treatment Medicine

Migraine Treatment

What Is A Migraine?

A migraine is a neurological condition characterized by moderate to severe throbbing pain or pushing sensation that usually affects one side of the head. A migraine is accompanied by multiple symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and severe sensitivity to light or sound, tingling or numbness, and disturbed vision. A migraine attack can occur at any age.

Many researchers believe that genetics plays a big role when it comes to migraine diagnosis. But various other factors may also trigger migraine-like hormonal changes in women, anxiety, stress, bright flashing lights, continuous loud noises, sleep disturbances, and caffeine withdrawal.

Migraine headaches are recurring and its episodes can last for a few hours to several days. A migraine can interfere with your daily life activities like studying or working. There is no cure for migraines but treatment with medication helps reduce the severity and frequency of the episodes and relieves other symptoms.

Migraines can be distinguished on the basis of whether they are accompanied by an aura or not. An aura is the disturbance of the senses in the early stages, and it may serve as an indicator of a possible migraine.

Migraines with an Aura

An aura is usually characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Perception of sparking or flashing lights
  • Zigzagging lines, blind spots or blank patches in vision
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Confusing thoughts
  • Weakness in legs, shoulders, and neck.

Migraine without an Aura

The majority of the migraines occur without an aura. No visual or sensory disturbances occur before the actual headache. Migraines without an aura are usually accompanied by anxiety, depression, or fatigue which onsets way before the headache starts. Some early signs of migraine without an aura includes craving sweet and sugary foods, feeling thirsty and sleepy.

Chronic Migraine: Any migraine that triggers attacks on more than 15 days of the month.

Types Of Migraines

Menstrual Migraine

Menstrual migraines occur in patterns that relate them to the menstrual cycle. It is known that hormonal changes that are a part of the menstrual cycle trigger these migraines.

Hemiplegic Migraine

This migraine is characterized by temporary weakness in one side of the body.

Abdominal Migraine

A syndrome connects migraine attacks to disturbed function in the gut and abdomen.

Vestibular Migraine

Vertigo is a symptom of this type of migraine.

Basilar Migraine

This rare type of migraine is also known as the migraine with brainstem aura and can affect neurological functions.

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