1. Understanding haemorrhoids in older adults

    Haemorrhoids In Older Adults: Causes, Risks, And Treatment

    As individuals age, they may encounter various health challenges, and one common issue affecting older adults is haemorrhoids. Also known as piles, haemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum and anus that can cause discomfort and pain. This article will discuss the specific factors contributing to the prevalence of haemorrhoids among older adults in the UK.

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  2. Scheriproct Ointment: An effective solution for hemorrhoids

    Scheriproct Ointment: Your Ultimate Solution To Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids may be unpleasant to talk about, but they are even more unpleasant to experience. Symptoms caused by hemorrhoids can range from mild to painful enough to disrupt your daily activities. Also known as piles, hemorrhoids are a common complaint in GP surgeries. Piles are caused by increased pressure in the blood vessels around the rectum and anus, much like how varicose veins are formed. If you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, Pharmacy Planet can help you with a proven hemorrhoids treatment called Scheriproct.

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  3. The role of daily habits in hemorrhoid formation

    Daily Habits That Can Cause Your Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins in your lower rectum and anus that are similar to varicose veins. They’re a very common condition that most people will experience at least once during their lifetimes. They become more common the older you get, but people of any age and background are susceptible to developing hemorrhoids.

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  4. How to treat hemorrhoids at home?

    How to treat hemorrhoids at home?

    Almost everyone will experience hemorrhoids at least once in their lives and this risk increases the older we get. Thankfully, hemorrhoids (also known as piles) can usually be treated at home with the help of a pharmacy and are rarely serious enough for you to need to see a doctor.

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  5. lifestyle changes that can help prevent and manage hemorrhoids

    Lifestyle changes that can help prevent and manage Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable and unwelcome medical condition that just about all of us will experience at some point in our lives. They can cause pain, discomfort, and other symptoms that can make it difficult to focus on anything else.

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  6. Anal Itch: Can it Be a Symptom of Hemorrhoids?

    Anal Itch: Can it Be a Symptom of Hemorrhoids?

    An itchy bum is an uncomfortable bum. If your backside is persistently itchy and you can’t seem to get relief, you may have developed a common condition called hemorrhoids.

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  7. Bad Habits That Cause Hemorrhoids

    Bad Habits That Cause Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids can happen to anyone, especially later in life, but if you keep getting them time and time again, you might be wondering how to make them stop. While hemorrhoids can be caused by a wide range of factors, there are certain habits that can make you more likely to get them.

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  8. How Do You Know if You Have Hemorrhoid Symptoms or Something More Serious?

    How Do You Know if You Have Hemorrhoid Symptoms or Something More Serious?

    Many of the symptoms of hemorrhoids are similar to the signs of more serious conditions like bowel or anal cancer. Because it is important to catch cancer in its early stages you should discuss any new symptoms with your GP, but this guide can help you in the meantime.

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  9. The Difference Between a Hemorrhoids and Skin Tag

    The Difference Between a Hemorrhoids and Skin Tag

    Hemorrhoids and anal skin tags are common conditions that can sometimes be confused as one another because of their appearance. However, they are two completely different conditions that require different treatment. That is why it is important to know the difference between them.

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  10. Tips for Hemorrhoid Sufferers

    Tips for Hemorrhoids Sufferers

    We might giggle when we see a TV character squirming on a round pillow because of hemorrhoids, but if you have them you know they’re no laughing matter.

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