1. What is Rosacea?  Various ways of treatment

    What is Rosacea? Various ways of treatment

    Rosacea is a very common skin condition that causes patches of blotchy redness usually on the face with visible blood vessels. It can also create pus-filled bumps. Rosacea is an unpredictable condition and can appear without warning and flare up and then disappear for weeks or months at a time.
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  2. What are the best things to do when you have Hemorrhoids?

    What are the best things to do when you have Hemorrhoids?

    Hemorrhoids are also called piles and are swollen veins in the lower rectum and anus; they are like varicose veins but just in a different location.  Hemorrhoids can be either internal or external so they can develop in the skin inside the rectum or under the skin around the anus.  Around three-quarters of adults will experience Hemorrhoids at some time during their lives, often there is a specific and defined cause such as pregnancy but there doesn’t have to be an obvious causation, Hemorrhoids can just happen.

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  3. Tips to prevent and control high cholesterol problems

    Tips to Prevent and Control High Cholesterol Problems

    Your body needs a healthy amount of cholesterol as it helps to build cells which are important for all the body’s functions, however, high amounts of cholesterol can develop fatty deposits in the blood vessels.  A high cholesterol problem can create issues with the blood flowing through the arteries as the fatty deposits narrow the available space.   It is important to control high cholesterol and this is usually achieved with dietary changes and prescribed medication and two of the most popular choices are Atorvastatin and Simvastatin.  Check out our website if you need to buy Atorvastatin tablets online or to buy Simvastatin tablets online in the UK.

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  4. Skinoren Cream vs. Differin Gel and Cream - which is best?

    Skinoren Cream vs. Differin Gel and Cream - Which is Best?

    Acne is a distressing skin condition that can affect people at any age although it is most commonly associated with teenagers.  Acne problems can be treated with a range of different topical products including acne cream and gel and two of the leading treatments are Skinoren and Dufferin. 

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  5. Things Diabetes Patients Should Follow

    Things Diabetes Patients Should Follow

    Diabetes is a chronic medical condition in which sugar or glucose levels build up in your bloodstream.  Normally, the hormone Insulin helps move the glucose from the bloodstream into the body’s cells but in Type 2 Diabetes, the body may not produce enough insulin and the blood glucose levels are not controlled. 
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  6. What PPE do you need during Covid-19?

    What PPE do you need during Covid-19?

    The most effective response to Covid-19 in the UK has been the collective action by the public to follow government’s guidance and advice and both observe the recommended social distancing and wear appropriate PPE. As a precaution against Coronavirus and to make ensure your safety against Covid-19 and that of others, source your PPE from Pharmacy Planet.

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  7. What are the main causes of hair damage/hair loss?

    What are the main causes of hair damage/hair loss?

    Hair damage and hair loss can be caused by several different factors. Sometimes all that is required is a change of hair care routine and reducing the use of chemicals and hot styling tools which can dry the hair and cause it to become brittle and prone to breaking. There are other causes of hair loss and for men hair loss or what is described as male pattern baldness, is genetic but fortunately there are treatments available like Propecia tablets.
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  8. Early signs you might have Cystitis

    Early signs you might have Cystitis

    Cystitis is also known as a Urinary Tract Infection or UTI and is very common particularly amongst women, with numerous different causes and triggers.  Some cases of cystitis are mild and will resolve without treatment but for persistent and more serious infections, Cystitis treatment is needed most commonly in the form of antibiotics to combat the infection.  

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  9. Amazing facts to know about Hand Sanitizer

    Amazing facts to know about Hand Sanitizer

    Hand hygiene remains one of the most important weapons in the war against Covid-19.  In addition to the requirement to wear a face mask in designated public places like shops and on public transport, using sanitizers continues to be recommended to help reduce the spread of infection.  Buy hand sanitizer online from the UK’s leading pharmaceutical retailer, Pharmacy Planet. 

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  10. Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculation

    Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculation

    Premature ejaculation or PE is when ejaculation happens sooner than a man or his partner would like during sexual intercourse, it is sometimes also called rapid ejaculation, premature climax or early ejaculation. PE is frustrating and can cause problems within a relationship but fortunately, there is treatment available for premature ejaculationOne of the recommended treatments is Emla cream which is an anaesthetic cream used for some medical procedures and which numbs the area it is applied to.

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