1. Things you should know about antimicrobial resistance and covid-19

    5 Things You Should Know About Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Covid-19

    The importance of antibiotics can’t be underestimated. Part of the reason our life expectancy has increased is due to the invention of antibiotics. They are life-saving medications, curing many diseases that for centuries had potentially been a death sentence.

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  2. Why is wearing a Face Mask so Important?

    Why is wearing a Face Mask so Important?

    The debate about wearing a face mask is ongoing as different governments follow varying protocols.  Some criticise the UK government for taking so long to introduce regulations about wearing safety masks but from the 24 July 2020, face masks will be mandatory in UK shops and a growing number of other establishments.  If you are looking to buy surgical face masks in the UK then head to Pharmacy Planet.  

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  3. What PPE do you need during Covid-19?

    What PPE do you need during Covid-19?

    The most effective response to Covid-19 in the UK has been the collective action by the public to follow government’s guidance and advice and both observe the recommended social distancing and wear appropriate PPE. As a precaution against Coronavirus and to make ensure your safety against Covid-19 and that of others, source your PPE from Pharmacy Planet.

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  4. Amazing facts to know about Hand Sanitizer

    Amazing facts to know about Hand Sanitizer

    Hand hygiene remains one of the most important weapons in the war against Covid-19.  In addition to the requirement to wear a face mask in designated public places like shops and on public transport, using sanitizers continues to be recommended to help reduce the spread of infection.  Buy hand sanitizer online from the UK’s leading pharmaceutical retailer, Pharmacy Planet. 

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  5. Sensible precautions against Covid-19 disease

    Sensible precautions against Covid-19 disease

    With the NHS under increasing pressure, many people are turning to pharmacies for advice and guidance about Covid-19 and how to stay safe.  Your pharmacist can also provide help and support for other medical conditions which you may be worried about accessing treatment for during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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