Diabetes Control: Why it’s important?

Type Two Diabetes is everywhere in the western world, considered by many to be the disease of lifestyle – too much food and not enough exercise.  Diabetes is directly linked in many cases to lifestyle and weight and because it is so prevalent as the population gets larger and fatter, there is almost an inevitability about it, an acceptance of it which belies what a nasty disease it really is.  Because there is also medication available such as Metformin tablets, this tends to feed the notion that it is controllable and maybe not so serious.

Diabetes is a nasty disease which if unregulated can go on to cause serious and potentially life-threatening complications.  These include:-

  • Heart disease and cardiac problems
  • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Vision problems and eye disorders including blindness
  • Kidney malfunction leading to kidney failure
  • Nerve damage also called neuropathy which can cause tingling sensations and real pain in the hands and feet

Controlling diabetes through lifestyle changes
There is no doubt that pre-diabetic and early diabetic patients either at risk of or already suffering from Type Two Diabetes Mellitus can make huge progress through simple lifestyle changes.  These involve dieting and most importantly cutting out processed foods with a high sugar and salt content.  Exercise is also key to aid weight loss and general health.  Many people find that they can avoid or help control Diabetes by taking these simple steps.

What are metformin tablets?
Metformin is a tablet medicine that is used to help control blood sugar levels alongside lifestyle changes in people suffering from Type Two Diabetes.  Metformin is sometimes also used in conjunction with insulin and other medication but is only used to treat Type Two Diabetes not Type One.

What do Metformin Tablets actually do?

  • Metformin reduces excess glucose production in the liver
  • It promotes weight loss
  • Enhances cellular insulin sensitivity
  • Inhibits absorption of sugar in the intestine
  • Lowers the risk of cardiac incidences

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