The Best Combined Contraceptive Pill

Many women in the UK choose to take birth control pills, and there can be a number of reasons for this. At Pharmacy Planet, it is possible to buy Femodene and the Loestrin pill online, to ensure you never run out of contraceptive pills.

Birth Control and Women’s Health
Women in the UK take oral contraceptive pills for a variety of reasons. Both Femodene and Loestrin are combined oral contraceptives, meaning that they contain both oestrogen and progesterone. Women may take oral contraceptives to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, to help regulate irregular periods, or to make their periods lighter or less painful. In today’s busy lives, it is understandable that you may not always have time to visit your GP for a repeat prescription, and Pharmacy Planet can help.

If your GP has previously prescribed Loestrin or Femodene, you can order repeat prescriptions via Pharmacy Planet after an online discussion with a pharmacist. The tablets will then be delivered promptly to your door.

Buy Femodene Online UK
Femodene pills offer almost 100% protection against unwanted pregnancies. The pill contains two hormones to inhibit ovulation from occurring, thus preventing pregnancy. It comes in two preparations; Femodene which is taken for 21 days before a 7 day break, and Femodene ED which is taken for 28 days consecutively. Femodene ED costs £34 for 6 months, whilst Femodene costs £44 for the same time period.

Buy Loestrin Online UK
Loestrin tends to be taken by older women rather than younger women. It contains less oestrogen than some other oral contraceptives. Loestrin needs to be taken for 21 consecutive days, followed by a 7 day break. If taken correctly, it offers 99% protection against pregnancy, a similar rate of protection compared to other oral contraceptives. A 6 month supply of Loestrin costs just £23 from Pharmacy Planet.

It is important to remember to take your tablets at the same time every day, or as soon afterwards as possible if you do forget. Missing a pill, or taking it late, can put you at risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

Take the hassle out of getting a repeat prescription of your birth control pills by ordering online with Pharmacy Planet.