Psoriasis treatments: Tips to prevent flare-ups

Psoriasis is a skin condition that results in the over production of skin cells creating red patches which can be like spots or quite extensive areas over the skin’s surface.  These are usually flaky and crusty with a silvery appearance and can become sore, itchy and inflamed.

Cosmetically, psoriasis can be a real burden and cause significant distress amongst sufferers. There are different treatments available for instance, you can buy Betnovate cream online in the UK, but psoriasis cannot be cured, only managed.  Some people will go for long periods without an outbreak, others are affected almost continually with patches on their skin.

Skincare for psoriasis sufferers is very important as this can really help manage the condition and improve both the comfort and appearance of affected skin.

Top Tips for Psoriasis sufferers

  • Keep your skin thoroughly moisturised on a daily basis – your GP or pharmacist can recommend deep nourishing moisturisers specifically for conditions like psoriasis.  Deep treatment helps to prevent scaliness and cracking
  • Don’t forget the skin on your head.  Scalp psoriasis is pretty common.  You can moisturise your scalp overnight and then shampoo in the morning
  • Minimise your skin’s exposure to very dry, cold weather
  • Be aware that central heating in the home also causes the skin to dry out and drink plenty of water.  You can also use a humidifier to keep more moisture in the atmosphere
  • Some medicines can cause flare-ups, discuss this with your GP if you are prescribed medication for another condition
  • Take care of scrapes, bruises, cuts and infections – persistently dry skin which is prone to cracking is at most risk of infection
  • Sunshine is helpful for the skin but needs to be balanced with the detrimental effects of UV rays.  Avoid sunburn
  • Take a Vitamin D supplement
  • Try and reduce stress which can cause Psoriasis flare-ups
  • Certain foods can trigger outbreaks, these can vary person by person so it is a question of trial and error to establish whether there are any specific dietary triggers

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