Birth Control Pills – What you need you know?

These are a type of birth control method for females which are helpful in preventing pregnancy. These pills ought to be swallowed on a daily basis for their effectiveness.  These pills are available in two different types which are the combination pills and the progestin-only pills. The combination pills have two hormones; the progestin as well as oestrogen; the progestin-only pills on the other hand contain one hormone that is the progestin.

Method of use

For the combination pills to be effective at preventing pregnancy, you should take one pill each day. It is advisable to take the pill at a similar time on a daily basis as this enhances the ability of you remembering to take the pill. The combination pills mostly come in twenty-one day and twenty-eight-day packages. When using the four weeks pack, you must take the pills each and every day for the 28 days and immediately start a new package on the 29th day. However, for the three weeks pack, you should take the pill for the 21 days and after the package is over avoid taking the pills for a week. At this point the fourth week you will experience your periods and you should embark on taking the pills after the seven days are over.

Missing to take your pills enhances your chances of being pregnant. As soon as you realize that you have missed a pill, take it right away even if it means you have to take 2pills.  If at a point you realize that you missed taking a pill after engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse, you can use emergency contraception. Using a morning after pill prevents pregnancy when it is taken for up to 5 days after vaginal intercourse; however, taking it as soon as you engage in sex increases its efficacy.

You can as well use other protection methods such as the use of a condom and IUD. Although you should consult an experienced doctor before using IUD, it is effective if it is put in within five days following the unprotected sex. You can as well buy Ellaone to prevent you from becoming pregnant but you should ensure that you are not allergic to ulipristal acetate which it contains.

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