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Gedarel is a type of contraceptive called a combination pill. The active compounds in this mediation prevent pregnancy by simulating ...
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People also ask

What is Gedarel?

Gedarel is a prescription contraceptive pill. The active compounds in this mediation prevent pregnancy by simulating the actions of two hormones called progesterone and estrogen. This pill is taken once a day in a row, during the first three weeks of the menstrual cycle.

How does it work?

Gedarel contraceptive pill works because it is based on the interaction of various factors, the most important of which is the inhibition of ovulation and modifications of the cervical secretion. This means that the progestogen dose is low and increases progressively, keeping the estrogen dose low. With this concept, cycle control can be improved when compared to a single-phase oral contraceptive, maintaining its high contraceptive efficacy.

What are the benefits of taking it?

Gedarel is a type of contraceptive called a combination pill. Among the most popular pregnancy prevention techniques, it includes synthetic variations of the female sex hormones progesterone and estrogen to prevent fertilization.

How do I use it and its dosage?

Always use this medicine exactly as your doctor has told you. In if in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist again.

Each Gedarel birth control pill pack contains 1 reminder blister of 21 coated tablets or 3 blisters reminder of 21 coated tablets. The reminder blister has been designed to help remind you to take the tablets.

The blister is marked with the day of the week on which you should take each tablet. You must take one tablet every day for 21 days following the direction of the arrow printed on the pack until the blister is empty.

Then come 7 days when you will not take a tablet. During the 7 days without tablets, on day 2 or 3, you will have withdrawal bleeding similar to menstruation, that is, your period.

Start the next blister on the 8th day (after 7 days without tablets), even if the bleeding has not still over. As long as you take Gedarel correctly, each new blister will always start on the same day of the week, and you will always have your period the same day every 28 days.

You should try to take the tablet at around the same time each day. Maybe what It is easier to take it either before bed or just when you get up.

Swallow each tablet whole, if necessary with water.

Side effects & precautions

Like all medicines, Gedarel can cause side effects, although not all people suffer them.

The following side effects have been reported in women taking oral contraceptives and may occur in the first months after starting Gedarel, but usually disappear once that your body has become accustomed to the tablets. The following section details the known gedarel pill side effects and their frequency:

Common (may affect up to 1 in 10 people):

  • breast tenderness, depression, altered mood, headache, nervousness,
  • dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, acne, breast pain, and weight

Uncommon (may affect up to 1 in 100 people):

  • hypertension (increased pressure
  • blood), migraine, fluid retention, decreased libido (interest in sex), vomiting, diarrhea,
  • red, itchy, and red skin rash (hives), enlarged

Rare (may affect up to 1 in 1,000 people):

  • blood clots (thromboembolism),
  • impaired hearing (otosclerosis), allergic reaction, increased libido (interest in sex),
  • eye irritation when wearing contact lenses, allergic reaction that can be severe at times
  • with swelling of the skin and/or mucous membranes (erythema nodosum, erythema multiforme), discharge from
  • breasts, vaginal discharge

Buying Gedarel online.

You can buy Gedarel online through one of the UK’s leading online pharmacies, Pharmacy Planet. It's easy and convenient. You will need to fill out a short assessment and the item will be delivered directly to your door. If you want to buy Gedarel online, use Pharmacy Planet, a UK pharmacy you can trust.
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