How to use Birth Control Pills

There are different types of birth control pills and different methods of use. Their effectiveness might also vary, though they all work towards the same goal.  It is important to know how birth control pills are used in order to administer them properly and get the best result.

Birth control pills are available in packs and in most cases, these comprise of 3 weeks of hormone pills and on the fourth week, the pills are hormone free. During this week, you will get your periods and after they are over, you can start on a new pack.

It is important to speak to your doctor before starting on a given birth control pills regimen

How to use birth control pills

You can buy contraceptive pills online or get a pack from your doctor.  That said, it is important to know how to take contraceptive pills.

•    You should take a pill every day and at the same hour. You need to be keen about following up with this

•    A 21-day cycle means that you do not take pills on the fourth week

•    For 28 days, you need to take the placebo pills in a similar manner

•    For 91-day combination pills, you have to take a pill every day for 84 days and on the last week, you can take a non-hormonal pill.

How to get started

Quick start. You can begin taking contraceptive pills immediately you visit your doctor and get a  pack. The first seven days might not be so safe for you to have unprotected sex and it is advisable to use a condom to fully protect yourself

Sunday start. You can choose a Sunday that you want to get started to ensure that you do not get periods during the weekends.

Start on the fifth day of your period. You should take your first pill on the fifth day of your menstrual period.

Having a daily pill routine means that you have to stick to the schedule. It is important that you pick your most ideal time, make use of a calendar and keep checking your pill pack to ensure that you do not miss any of your pills.

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