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Femodette is a low-dose combined hormonal contraceptive medication used to prevent pregnancy. It is an oral contraceptive pill that contains two types of female sex hormones i.e. progestogen and oestrogen.


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Femodette Tablets
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Femodette is a low-dose combined hormonal contraceptive medication used to prevent pregnancy. It is an oral contraceptive pill that contains two types of female sex hormones i.e. progestogen and oestrogen.

People also ask

What is Femodette?

Femodette is a low-dose combined hormonal contraceptive medication used to prevent pregnancy. It is an oral contraceptive pill that contains two types of female sex hormones i.e. progestogen and oestrogen. These hormones stop you from conceiving by working in three different ways.

Firstly, they assist by putting a halt on ovulation. Secondly, it prevents the lining of your womb from thickening so an egg cannot stick to it. Lastly, it thickens the fluid (mucus) in your cervix which causes difficulty for the sperm to enter inside the womb.

According to experts, this pill is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy if consumed correctly.

How Does Femodette Work?

Femodette tablets have two active ingredients, oestrogen and progestogen which are synthetic versions of the female sex hormones. These pills work by over-riding the normal menstruation period in which the levels of sex hormones adjust every month.

The hormones cause ovulation which creates the lining of the womb for potential pregnancy. However, when the menstruation cycle ends, the hormone levels fall if the egg does not fertilise, which also results in removal of the womb lining as a monthly menstruation cycle.

This birth control pill provides daily dose of hormone which makes the body believe that ovulation has already occurred. When the body is convinced about the ovulation, it prevents the maturing and release of an egg from the ovaries every month.

Lastly, the hormones also thicken the mucus at the neck of the womb, which results in prevention and difficulty for the sperm to enter the womb through the vagina that is why it doesn’t reach an egg for fertilisation. The quality of the womb lining is also affected by the hormones which makes it less favourable for the implantation of a fertilised egg.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Femodette?

Femodette is one of the effective contraceptive pills helping in birth control and preventing pregnancy. The tablets contain synthetic oestrogen and progestogen, tricking the women’s body into thinking that ovulation has already taken place.

In addition to this, it stops the development and ovulation procedure. In case, an egg is release by the ovaries and causes fertilisation, Femodette naturally thickens the mucus at the womb’s neck which makes it difficult for the sperm to get through the vagina and enter into the womb, eventually stopping women from conceiving.

Femodette has several other benefits which are listed below:

  • If consumed correctly, Femodette is one of the most reliable reversible procedures of contraception
  • It does not affect couple’s sex life
  • It does not affect your menstruation cycle ensuring regular periods, less painful, and lighter than before
  • It can probably assist with pre-menstrual symptoms

However, Femodette doesn’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV or Chlamydia. Only condoms can safeguard you from the STDs. 

How Do I Use Femodette?

Femodette pill is taken daily at the same time for 21 days by women. It includes a 7-day break from pill-taking. During this break, the hormone levels in the blood will drop causing normal menstrual periods. Begin with the next dose as soon as the 7-day pill break is over. If you are still on your periods when you’ve to continue the tablets, make sure that you still consume Femodette.

Additionally, these pack of tablets usually come with reminders in form of calendar pack with number of the days of the week marked for consumers ease. It specifies that the dosage is required for complete 3 weeks with a 7-day pause.

Femodette can also be taken in the mentioned ways:

  • Recommended Usage: 1 pill each day for 21 days taking 7-day break
  • Continuous Usage: 1 pill each day without any pause
  • Extended Usage: 1 pill a day for 9 weeks then discontinue taking pills for the next 4-7 days

Femodette Dosage

The dosage is administered based on individual requirements and will work best if prescribed by your physician. However, recommended dosage of Femodette tablet is 1 pill every day for 21 days or first 3 weeks. It is then followed by a 7-day pill break. After complete 7 days, you should consume tablets from a new pack of Femodette.

Over-dosage or incorrect use of the medicine may lead to adverse effects and reactions, as indicated below.

Femodette Precautions and Side Effects

Side Effects

Side Effects of this medication are relatively mild and tolerable symptomatically. However, medicines and their possible side effects impact individuals differently. Not all users will experience the similar potential side effects.

Some symptoms that may arise in the possible side effects of Femodette include the following:

  • Changes in weight
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Migraine or headache
  • Breast enlargement or tenderness
  • Vaginal candidiasis or thrush
  • Depression
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Rise in blood pressure
  • Gallstone formation
  • Skin reactions
  • Disturbances in liver function

If you experience any of the aforementioned side effects, you must immediately consult your doctor.


Femodette tablet only prevents pregnancy and does not secure against sexually transmitted diseases. You must use condoms or other extra protections to make sure that you are safeguarded against diseases like HIV and Chlamydia. Additionally, women taking oral contraceptives have chances of building blood clot in the artery or in the vein which causes heart stroke.

Women suffering from certain medical conditions such as diabetes, heart attack or any other serious disease must first consult their doctor. Women over 35 years of age or having a history of diseases should also take their physician’s advice. Femodette is used to prevent pregnancy that is why pregnant women must not consume it.

How Do I Buy Femodette Online?

You can safely online order Femodette in the UK from [website name] after filling out a prescription form. It will ensure whether or not Femodette is the right medication for your medical condition.