What are Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills or pregnancy pills is the mode of emergency contraception used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex or if your alternative form of contraception has failed.

Women take the pill by mouth to prevent pregnancy, and, when taken correctly, it is up to 99.9% effective. However, the pill does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS).

How does a contraceptive pill work?

Hormonal contraceptives (the pill, the patch, and the vaginal ring) all contain a small amount of man-made oestrogen and progestin hormones. These hormones work towards inhibiting the body's natural cyclical hormones to prevent pregnancy.

Pregnancy is prevented by a combination of factors. The hormonal contraceptive usually stops the body from ovulating. Hormonal contraceptives also change the cervical mucus to make it difficult for the sperm to go through the cervix and fertilise an egg. Hormonal contraceptives can also prevent pregnancy by changing the lining of the womb so it's unlikely the fertilized egg will be implanted.

How soon do birth control pills work?

You can use birth control pills right away or up to 5 days after the intercourse. The sooner you take it, the better it works in avoiding pregnancy.

Which birth control pills are most prescribed for emergency contraception?

The progestogen-only-pill (POP) is widely prescribed as emergency contraception. You can also buy Feanolla online that works primarily by preventing the sperm cells from entering the womb. If you are using Microgynon then you must take it on the first day of bleeding, even if you have already taken the POP or mini-pill for that day.

You can also buy Femodene online in UK from Pharmacy Planet. It is an oral contraceptive pill that carries two types of hormone, oestrogen as well as progestogen. These two hormones will stop your body from ovulating and making the mucus in your cervix much thicker, making it harder for sperm to get into the womb.

When are women put on HRT?

Many women are put on hormone replacement therapy when menopause sets in. Balancing the hormones to an optimum level can help patients experience more comfortable menopause. HRT patients experience fewer mood swings and temperaments as compared to those not on HRT.

Where can i get pregnancy pills online?

If you don't have any emergency contraceptives on hand and you need some right away, you can check at the local pharmacy. As an online pharmacy, Pharmacy Planet advises you to stock birth control pills so that you don’t run out in times of need.