How Birth Control Pills Helps To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

Since birth control pills, or contraceptive pills, have become more readily available, as a woman it’s never been easier to be in control of your own sexual and reproductive health. There are a wide variety of ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, including a birth control implant and the emergency contraceptive pill. One of the simplest methods is to take a contraceptive tablet, and at Pharmacy Planet you can buy Logynon online to ensure you do not fall pregnant.

What is Logynon?
Logynon is a contraceptive tablet that contains synthetic versions of both oestrogen and progesterone. These two hormones release naturally during a woman’s monthly cycle, and by mimicking the hormones, Logynon prevents ovulation so that there is no risk of pregnancy that month.

Logynon tablets are taken for 21 days in a row, followed by a seven day break during which a woman should have a period. After the seven day break, the 21 days of tablets should be taken again.

How Does Logynon ED Differ?
At Pharmacy Planet, you can also buy Logynon ED. Logynon ED is taken every day for 28 days, before beginning the next pack of 28. There is no seven day break with Logynon ED.

Pregnancy Risks
If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, it is important to take your contraceptive pills at the same time every day. Some antibiotics and other medications can make the pill less effective so it is important to check with your GP or pharmacist if you begin a new tablet. Herbal medications can also affect the pill, but don’t count these as ‘safe’ additional medications or supplements. Vomiting can reduce the efficacy of the pill, and so you may wish to use a barrier method such as condoms for sexual activity if you have vomited.

Avoiding Pregnancy
If you want to avoid pregnancy, you can buy Logynon online for delivery to an address of your choice. It’s simple with our online consultation, and you don’t need a prescription from your GP first.

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