Tips for using a Spacer with your Asthma Inhaler

In simple terms, spacers are large, empty devices that are usually made out of plastic and can also be called tubes. The spacers are known to help in the patients’ asthma treatment to get them the correct amount of asthma medicine.

Benefits of using Spacer

It helps to get the right amount of medicine.

MDI is also known as Metered-dose inhalers, delivers the dose of medicine in a fine spray, but there are plenty of problems with it as you need to inhale the medicine at the exact time you press the inhaler by breathing in slowly and deeply.

Using the spacer can help get that medicine directly to the lungs. When the spacer is connected to the inhaler, the medicine collects in the spacer. This allows you to breathe in the medicine slowly and calmly, without a rush.

Another benefit of the spacer is that it dramatically reduces the risk of side effects. Since after attaching the spacer, the medicine directly goes into your lungs, so less gets absorbed in the body overall. Moreover, it reduces the risk of voice changing in fungal infections, which are quite common in children who have asthma.

Tips for using Spacer with the asthma inhaler

  • Shake well before use
    Make sure to shake the inhaler at least 10-15 times before use. It is also advised to ‘prime’ the inhaler by squirting out 2-3 puffs into the air if you have not used it for two to three weeks.

  • Avoid towel drying
    Do not towel dry the spacer at all. Towel drying can give it an electric charge, which can cause the medicine like Salbutamol and Ventolin to stick to the sides.

  • Remember to check the equipment regularly.
    Regular checks can make sure that you change the equipment as soon as there is a crack in it to avoid the medicine’s leaking in any way.

  • Placing the mouthpiece under the top teeth
    People might have trouble getting a tight seal around the mouthpiece of the inhaler. They should place the mouthpiece under the top teeth in such a case, and it will provide a firmer grip.

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