Testosterone, sex hormones and erectile dysfunction: What's the connection?

The connection is pretty simple and easy to understand, but you need to know the three’s individual meaning before understanding that.

is a hormone which is present in both men and women. Testicles in men produce this hormone while the women’s ovaries produce it in smaller amounts when compared. Identified as a sex hormone, it is associated with sex drive, especially in a man.

Sex hormones are the ones which are connected to controlling the sexual drive of a person. An increase or decrease in these sex hormones can affect different aspects of a person, including the mood.

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of a person to keep a firm erection to have sexual intercourse. Men who face erectile dysfunction can have symptoms like erection problems, and reduced sexual drive. 

The connection is pretty easy to understand between the three. Testosterone is a sex hormone, and the decrease in the level of this hormone in a man can cause erectile dysfunction.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?
There are either emotional or physical reasons that cause this problem.

Emotional reasons include depression, stress, anxiety, and even relationship problems.

Physical reasons that cause erectile dysfunction include obesity, diabetes, sleep disorder, low testosterone level, consumption of large quantities of alcohol and tobacco, high blood pressure, kidney disease and even injury to the pelvic area.

Symptoms include weight gain, depression, moodiness and low energy levels.

Individuals suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction can get erectile dysfunction treatment and get better.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
There are different ways to treat this illness, depending on the cause. Different ways to deal with it include taking medication, going to therapy, or creating a vacuum to create an erection.

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