7 Tips for Combating High Cholesterol

Having high cholesterol makes you more likely to suffer from heart disease, stroke, or a heart attack. Whilst it is important to have some cholesterol, having too much of this fatty substance in your bloodstream can cause serious health complications. Because high cholesterol doesn’t present with any symptoms, the only way to diagnose it is through a blood test.

Fighting High Cholesterol
If you are diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol, there are several easy ways to lower it. All you have to do is make a few small changes to your life to improve your health.

  1. Eat Cholesterol Fighting Foods: You are what you eat! Luckily, there are many foods out there that can help fight against high cholesterol. These include oats, fish, wholewheat grains, and beans.
  2. Limit Saturated Fat: Western diets are rife with processed foods which is why we are more likely to suffer from conditions like high cholesterol. Eating a diet rich in fresh foods and non-fatty meat can help keep your cholesterol down.
  3. Move More: Purchase a pedometer or download an app on your phone to keep track of your steps. Even if it’s just a walk around the block, any extra movement is beneficial to your health.
  4. Lose Weight: The more extra weight you carry, the more bad cholesterol you will have. Losing even just a moderate amount of weight can help battle high cholesterol. 
  5. Moderate Alcohol Consumption: Whilst having a glass of red wine is thought to help heart health, heavy alcohol consumption can lead to many devastating conditions like heart disease and high cholesterol.
  6. Quit Smoking: Like excessive alcohol consumption, smoking makes a person more likely to have heart disease and high cholesterol. Quitting smoking at any age will greatly reduce your risks.
  7. Discuss Medication: There are many medications that, when taken alongside healthy lifestyle choices, can help you battle high cholesterol.

High Cholesterol Medications

  • Atorvastatin Tablets: Atorvastatin is part of a group of medicines called statins which regulate lipids (fats) in the body.
  • Fluvastatin Capsules: Fluvastatin lowers bad cholesterol in the blood and helps improve levels of good cholesterol.
  • Rosuvastatin(Crestor) Tablets: Rosuvastatin, brand name Crestor, can help lower bad cholesterol levels whilst also reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease.

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