Erectile Dysfunction: What Do Women Think About This Condition?

When we talk about erectile dysfunction (ED), we usually focus on the impact it has on men. Yet, they aren’t the only ones who can feel the effects of ED. Difficulties in the bedroom can have cascading effects on relationships and cause troubles with intimacy between partners.

How Does ED Affect Women?
Erectile dysfunction is not just a men’s problem because it affects partners of men as well. The good news is, the majority of women surveyed said that ED would not change how they view their partner or make them want to end the relationship.

However, these same surveys reveal that women have a lot of mixed feelings when their partner experiences ED, especially if it is happening frequently. Most women responded that they worried their partner’s struggles with an erection were because their partner no longer found them attractive or sexually desirable. Just like many men do, nearly 15% of women said their partner’s ED lowered their own confidence. Some women even wondered if their partner was having an affair.

In addition to worrying that they were the cause of ED, one study showed that most women were also worried about their partner’s wellbeing. Could there be an emotional or physical cause that they are keeping secret or possibly don’t know about? Are they feeling low self-esteem because of ED, or experiencing performance anxiety? Women also worried that their partners might be too embarrassed to seek help.

Those who seek help consistently find that they have a more positive outlook on ED. In addition to getting treatments that can help prevent ED, speaking honestly and openly can have positive effects on the relationship and improve intimacy.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a wide range of factors such as medical conditions, lifestyle habits, or certain medications. It is important you speak with a medical professional if you are experiencing recurrent bouts of ED so that they can rule out anything more serious.

Your doctor may also suggest medications to help you achieve and maintain an erection long enough to have satisfying sexual activity. Common medications prescribed for ED include Viagra and Sildenafil.

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