5 Asthma Myths You Need to Stop Believing

There are myths associated with every medical condition, and the same is in the case of asthma. Let’s have a look at 5 Myths about Asthma that you need to stop believing in at all.

  1. People with Asthma can’t go gym
    This is one of the most common yet one of the false statements you will always hear. Just because a person has asthma does not mean that they can’t go gym. If you keep your asthma under control, you can always go to gym.

    On the contrary, exercise helps to combat the triggers of asthma, such as stress.

  2. Asthma is a modern condition
    Asthma is not a modern condition that has increased due to modern cleanliness; it has been present for ages. Some researches suggest it was present in ancient Egyptians, and a lot of historically significant figures like Charles Dicken and John F. Kennedy were supposed to have asthma.

  3. Pets are the cause of asthma
    Humans have a way of blaming everything on animals. Hence there is no doubt the myth that pets are the cause of asthma. Yes, dogs and cats’ excretions can trigger asthma, but the real cause of asthma is cold, flu, air pollution, cigarette smoke, and perfume.

    Instead, keeping pets can help develop antibodies, which can help fight off various allergies.

  4. Salt can cure Asthma
    When we talk about different medical conditions, there are other alternate solutions suggested to cure it, mostly involving herbal remedies, and that too, with no evidence or research to support it, particularly like this one.

    Salt can cure Asthma is a suggested alternate solution and has no proof that it ever worked.

  5. After you grow old, Asthma disappears
    Adults live with asthma, so it is false to assume that asthma disappears when you grow up. Some might get triggered through external stimulus and even because of stress or changing hormone levels. So, this means you need to care at all times.

Hence, it is always better to take care of yourself and keep your inhalers with you. The inhaler that asthma patients have contains Clenil and Ventolin. Clenil helps prevent asthma symptoms, while Ventolin is used to relieve asthma attacks, and it helps treat the symptoms of asthma, which means the person can breathe easily. The Ventolin inhaler contains Salbutamol in it. So, In case of need, you can request Clenil Inhaler online UK, Ventolin Online in UK, or Salbutamol online in UK and get it delivered to your doorstep. You will have to complete an assessment so the doctors online can review your request for a continuous supply.