Does HRT cause hair loss

The menopause is a time of great change for women and has some unpleasant side effects including night sweats, mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety and a change in skin elasticity and tone.  Many women also notice a distinct difference in the condition and quality of their hair. Pharmacy Planet is a leading UK supplier of HRT treatments including Estradot patches online and Evorel patches online in the UK.

A minority of women may experience a negative change to the texture and quality of their hair when they take HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy but most women actually report a positive increase in skin tone and the condition of their hair. This is because HRT contains the oestrogen hormones which are linked with hair growth. It is no coincidence that pregnant women will often experience thicker, faster-growing hair whilst they are expecting and this is because they are in oestrogen overdrive.

How does the menopause affect hair condition?
Oestrogen is a hair-friendly hormone that keeps hair in its anagen or growth phase for longer. Lower oestrogen levels mean there is a proportionally increased level of testosterone which can have a stronger negative effect on the hair follicles. With the natural decline in oestrogen during the menopause, many women will find that their hair breaks more easily. This is because the new hair produced by the follicles on the scalp becomes gradually finer and finer hair is naturally more fragile.

Can hormonal hair loss be reversed with HRT treatment?
As the female hormones diminish and fade away during the menopause, there are several distressing and uncomfortable side effects to this process which is why many women opt to take HRT.  The menopause can be one of the main causes of hair loss in middle-aged women which is often blamed on the natural ageing process but can in fact be hormonally driven.

Taking HRT can sometimes arrest this process of decline encouraging hair to grow more thickly with a better texture and shine.

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