Is it Haemorrhoids? What Else Could it Be?

Hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable condition but they are easily treatable and usually not very serious.  Pharmacy Planet sell lots of different hemorrhoids medications including Proctosedyl ointment and Xyloproct online in the UK which can help relieve the soreness and discomfort of hemorrhoids.

What are hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are lumps either inside or external to the anus and are made up of swollen veins in the anus or lower rectum.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?
The symptoms of hemorrhoids may include:-

  • Itching around the anus
  • A continued desire to pass stools even after a bowel movement
  • Bright red blood after a bowel movement
  • Slimy mucus in your underwear or on the toilet paper after wiping the anus
  • Lumps around the rectum
  • Pain in the anus

How do you treat hemorrhoids?
There are lots of different types of hemorrhoids medications and most of these are in ointment form and applied topically. Xyloproct ointment works by temporarily blocking the pathway of pain messages via the nerve fibres. Sensation in the area is numbed and offers relief from pain and itching.

Xyloproct ointment contains two active ingredients, Lidocaine which is a local anaesthetic that numbs the area providing relief and hydrocortisone which is a corticosteroid used for reducing inflammation.

Are there lifestyle changes that can help prevent and manage hemorrhoids?
There are some simple steps that anyone can take at home which can reduce the discomfort and irritation of hemorrhoids and these are:-

  • Take a warm bath to ease the pain and irritation
  • Wipe your bottom with damp toilet paper
  • Drink plenty of fluid and eat lots of fibre to keep stools soft and easier to pass
  • Use an icepack wrapped in linen for short-term relief
  • Keep the rectum clean and dry
  • Exercise regularly and reduce periods spent sitting down

Sometimes, hemorrhoids can be mistaken for something else called anal fissures which is a tear or open sore that develops in the lining of the lower intestine near the anus. A doctor can confirm a diagnosis and the treatment is similar to that for hemorrhoids.

For advice on easing the discomfort of hemorrhoids, visit our online store where we sell Proctosedyl ointment and Xyloproct online in the UK. We also offer advice on how you can reduce the risk of hemorrhoids and manage the pain and discomfort with some simple lifestyle changes. Visit our website to find out more