Tridestra is a hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It contains two active ingredients: estradiol (an estrogen hormone) and medroxyprogesterone (a progestin ...

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Tridestra is a hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It contains two active ingredients: estradiol (an estrogen hormone) and medroxyprogesterone (a progestin hormone).

People also ask

What is Tridestra?

Tridestra is a hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It contains two active ingredients: estradiol (an estrogen hormone) and medroxyprogesterone (a progestin hormone). Tridestra tablets are used to treat menopausal symptoms in women. Tridestra is a prescription-only medicine.

How does it work?

As menopause occurs, women begin to produce less estrogen, resulting in a decrease in estrogen levels in the blood. As a result, the decrease in estrogen levels produces several uncomfortable symptoms. Tridestra is a period less therapy, which means that you will not experience monthly bleeding with this treatment.

The benefits of Tridestra are thanks to the components it contains, two active ingredients, conjugated estrogens, which complement the lack of estrogens, helping to reduce the symptoms of menopause. The second principle is medroxyprogesterone acetate. For women who have not had a hysterectomy, increased estrogen levels can stimulate the growth of the uterine lining, which can cause uterine cancer. The inclusion of progesterone is done to counteract the effects of estrogen on the uterine lining, which reduces the risk of cancer.

What are the benefits of taking it?

Women's ovaries produce less and less estrogen in the period until menopause, causing estrogen levels to drop. A drop in estrogen levels can cause bothersome symptoms. The most common menopause symptoms include:

  • Hot flushes;
  • Vaginal discomfort (dryness, pain, irritation);
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep;
  • Osteoporosis (decreased bone mass and density);
  • Night sweats;
  • Humor changes.

HRT restores hormonal balance. Helps alleviate menopausal symptoms. Tridestra is aimed at women who keep their uterus in good condition, as it contains a progestogen hormone that protects the endometrium from side effects. Tridestra causes withdrawal bleeding every three months.

How do I use it?

Tridestra is based on a quarterly cycle. Each package contains three numbered blisters.

Blister # 1 contains white tablets. These tablets are to be taken for the first 70 days and contain only estradiol.

Blister No. 2 contains blue tablets, to be taken from days 71 to 84. These tablets contain estradiol and medroxyprogesterone.

Blister No. 3 contains yellow tablets. These tablets are to be taken from days 85 to 91 and do not contain any active ingredient (placebo).

The quarterly cycle causes a withdrawal bleed every three months (between day 85 and day 91). Start the next pack (Blister 1) immediately after finishing the third blister, even if it continues to bleed.

Its dosage

Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, the usual dose for an adult woman is:

  • one tablet, once a day.

Side effects & precautions

It is always important to consider the risk of possible Tridestra side effects when you are taking medication. See your doctor right away if any of the following symptoms occur: yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes; an increase in your blood pressure (symptoms may be headache, tiredness, dizziness); unexplained or first-time migraine headaches, with or without impaired vision (these headaches may be an early sign of a stroke); signs of a blood clot, such as painful swelling and redness of the legs, sudden chest pain, or trouble breathing; A chest pain that spreads to your arm or neck.

Common (1 in 10 people or less):

Weight fluctuations, swelling caused by fluid retention, depression, nervousness, lethargy, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, flatulence, headache, dizziness, flushing, sweating, tension, and pain in the breasts, vaginal discharge, bleeding or spotting, vulva/vagina disorder. menstrual disorder

Uncommon (1 in 100 people or less):

Non-cancerous breast tumor, benign growths on the lining of the uterus, allergic reaction, increased appetite, high blood cholesterol, anxiety, inability to sleep, apathy, mood changes, low concentration, changes in libido and condition mood, euphoria, agitation, migraine, tingling, prickling or numbness of the skin, tremor, visual impairment, dry eyes, unusually fast or irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, superficial inflammation of the veins, redness or spots red skin, shortness of breath, runny or stuffy nose, constipation, indigestion / heartburn, diarrhea, rectal disorder, acne, hair loss, dry skin, nail problems, skin nodule, excessive hair growth, painful nodules on reddish skin, widespread itchy rash, joint disorders, muscle cramps, increased and increased frequent urination to urinate, loss from bladder control, bladder infections, discolored urine, blood in the urine, enlarged breasts, breast tenderness, thickening of the lining of the uterus, uterine disorder, fatigue, abnormal laboratory tests, weakness, fever, flu-like symptoms, general malaise.

Rare (1 in 1,000 people or less):

Intolerance to contact lenses, change in liver function and bile flow, skin rash, blood clots in the veins of the legs or lungs, menstrual pain, premenstrual syndrome.

Unknown frequency

Uterine fibroids, worsening symptoms of inherited angioedema, reduced oxygen flow to the brain or to a section of the brain, stomach pain, bloating, yellowing of the skin or eyes, eczema, gallbladder disease, various disorders of the skin.

Buying Tridestra online.

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