3 Ways to Fight Memory Loss During Menopause

Are you going through menopause and finding yourself becoming more forgetful? One of the most challenging symptoms of menopause is something many people call “brain fog.” Brain fog can manifest as trouble with concentrating, forgetting why you walked into a room, or forgetting the names of people you just met.

Memory loss during menopause is caused by the hormonal changes your body is going through. The hormone oestrogen is linked to language skills, mood, memory, and concentration and during menopause oestrogen levels significantly decrease. Menopause can also cause sleep issues and when you are tired, you are much more likely to get brain fog.

Thankfully there are many ways to soothe your brain during menopause.

  • Try to Stay Cool: hot flashes may contribute to memory loss so try to cool yourself down when they occur

  • Mind Games: It’s important to exercise your brain! There are plenty of puzzle books and apps out there that provide engaging mind games. Find one to suit your level then push yourself toward more difficult ones.

  • Get Physical: Doing aerobics or strength training is thought to cause growth of new nerve cells in the brain and repair brain cells.

  • Hit the Sack: During menopause it might seem easier said than done, but practicing good sleep habits and getting a full night’s sleep is key to get control of your brain.

  • Brain Fuel: Eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and folic acids to boost your brain power naturally.

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: HRT is a treatment given to women during menopause to balance hormones and help ease their symptoms.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
HRT contains synthetic versions of female hormones like oestrogen. Taking hormone replacement therapy can ease the symptoms of menopause as it replaces the oestrogen your body has stopped naturally producing. While HRT isn’t just for memory loss, it has been shown to help with it and other symptoms of menopause.

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