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  1. Spotting diabetes in its early stages

    What Are The Early Signs Of Diabetes?

    Over 4 million people in the UK are currently living with diabetes and this number is on the rise. While diabetes is serious, it can be easily treated with medications and lifestyle changes. Catching it and treating it as soon as possible is crucial to successfully managing the disease. Uncontrolled diabetes can eventually lead to complications like heart disease, permanent nerve damage, vision loss, and kidney failure.

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  2. Fucidin cream: Effective solution for bacterial skin infections

    Understanding Fucidin Cream: A Guide To Treating Bacterial Infections

    Your skin is the largest and most exposed organ in your body. While it’s susceptible to injuries and the elements, it’s also incredibly resilient. The skin on your body provides a strong barrier against bacteria and other harmful substances that can cause illness and infections. Sometimes, though bacteria can make its way through this barrier and cause bacterial skin infections. Bacterial skin infections can be small and/or mild, or can be much larger and more serious. They may just infect the skin itself or may also spread to the soft tissue underneath the skin.

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  3. Scheriproct Ointment: An effective solution for hemorrhoids

    Scheriproct Ointment: Your Ultimate Solution To Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids may be unpleasant to talk about, but they are even more unpleasant to experience. Symptoms caused by hemorrhoids can range from mild to painful enough to disrupt your daily activities. Also known as piles, hemorrhoids are a common complaint in GP surgeries. Piles are caused by increased pressure in the blood vessels around the rectum and anus, much like how varicose veins are formed. If you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, Pharmacy Planet can help you with a proven hemorrhoids treatment called Scheriproct.

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  4. Trulicity: An effective solution for type 2 diabetes management

    Trulicity Injection: How It Works To Manage Type 2 Diabetes?

    Type 2 diabetes is on the rise in the UK, with many people unaware they have it. Untreated diabetes can lead to long term health consequences so it’s important to recognise the signs and to correctly manage it. People diagnosed with diabetes are unable to regulate the way the body uses sugar, or glucose. This causes high levels of sugar in the blood which can end up leading to serious and even life-threatening conditions. There is no cure for type 2 diabetes since it’s a chronic illness, but it can be effectively treated with medications and lifestyle changes.

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  5. Understanding naproxen's role in pain relief & reduces inflammation

    Naproxen: How It Works To Relieve Pain And Inflammation

    Even on the best of days pain can stop you in your tracks and keep you from being able to do the things you love most. That’s why when you’re in pain, you want medication that will provide fast and effective relief. If you see a GP or doctor about your pain and are given a prescription, one of the first lines of medicinal defence against pain is a medication called Naproxen.

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  6. Trimbow Inhaler: A complete guide for COPD patients

    How Trimbow Inhaler Works & Its Role In Preventing COPD Exacerbations

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is the name for a group of chronic inflammatory lung diseases that obstruct airflow from the lungs. The two most common COPD conditions are emphysema and chronic bronchitis. COPD is a progressive and chronic disease that will get worse over time. While there is no cure for COPD and its associated conditions, the symptoms can be effectively managed with the right treatment. With proper management, people with COPD can live relatively normal and active lives. 

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  7. Effective jet lag recovery strategies to overcome symptoms

    Jet Lag: Best Strategies For Rapid Recovery After Long Flights

    That feeling of fatigue you experience when you go abroad is more than just exhaustion from the hustle and bustle of travel. Jet lag is a common and temporary sleep disorder that occurs when you travel across one or more time zones. Also known as jet lag disorder, it’s caused by your body’s internal clock having trouble adjusting to the new time zone. Behind the scenes in your body is something called a circadian rhythm, a process that’s responsible for telling you when to be awake and when to be asleep. This internal clock is usually adapted to the time zone where you live so when you are in a different time zone, your circadian rhythm is thrown off. 

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  8. Oestrogel Pump: A safe and effective option to relieve menopausal symptoms

    HRT: Managing Menopausal Symptoms With Oestrogel Pump

    You don’t have to suffer through your hot flashes. Treatment for the menopause has come a long way over the years, giving women more options when it comes to treating menopausal symptoms. The menopause is a natural process that all women reach when they reach the end of their childbearing years, usually between the ages of 45-55. The symptoms associated with menopause are caused by the gradual loss of a female sex hormone called oestrogen. For some women, this process can happen quickly or can take several years. 

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  9. Practical tips for managing osteoporosis in daily life

    Living With Osteoporosis: Coping Strategies And Medications

    Being diagnosed with osteoporosis can leave you with a lot of questions. Namely, how will this condition impact your daily life? What changes will you need to make? Will I break a bone? Living with osteoporosis doesn’t have to be the end of your life as you knew it. With some planning, minor adjustments, and mindfulness, your life can continue on as normal. Pharmacy Planet is here to support you with your diagnosis, by providing useful information, daily living tips, and osteoporosis medication you can easily buy online.

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  10. World Health Day 2023: Health for all

    World Health Day: Build Your Healthier Future With Pharmacy Planet

    April 7th is World Health Day, an annual celebration whose main goal is to act as a global health awareness day. World Health Day is an event hosted by the World Health Organization, a global organisation whose sole focus is the health and wellbeing of all. They were founded on April 7th, 1948 and this year’s World Health Day marks their 75th anniversary.

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