nicotine replacement therapy

  1. 10 life-changing reasons to quit smoking and live healthier

    10 Life-Changing Reasons To Quit Smoking Now

    As a smoker, it’s probably not news to you that your habit is an extremely dangerous one. There are thousands of chemicals and potential carcinogens inside each small cigarette. Chemicals like carbon monoxide, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide enter your body and they can start damaging your body with the first drag of a cigarette. Some of this damage is reversible if you quit smoking, but other damage can end up becoming chronic and even life-threatening. 

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  2. The benefits of quitting smoking & improving your well-being

    What Are The Health Benefits Of Quitting Smoking?

    Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the UK. It’s not just death you have to worry about when you smoke, however. Cigarettes can cause serious and long-term effects on your health, some of which can seriously impact your ability to enjoy your daily life. No matter how long you’ve been smoking, quitting will give you immediate health benefits. The longer you go without smoking, the more these benefits will add up. You may even be able to reverse some of the damage cigarettes have caused. Here are some of the biggest benefits of quitting smoking.

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  3. Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Does it help you quit smoking?

    Does Nicotine Replacement Therapy Help You Stop Smoking?

    Unless you’ve been living in denial, you know how harmful cigarettes are to your health. A single cigarette contains thousands of toxins, chemicals, and compounds that can have devastating effects on our bodies. People who smoke are far more likely to develop serious health conditions like respiratory problems, cancer, and heart disease. However, despite knowing this people continue to smoke. This includes people who want to quit but find it too difficult to do so. 

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