World Health Day 2023: Health for all World Health Day 2023: Health for all

April 7th is World Health Day, an annual celebration whose main goal is to act as a global health awareness day. World Health Day is an event hosted by the World Health Organization, a global organisation whose sole focus is the health and wellbeing of all. They were founded on April 7th, 1948 and this year’s World Health Day marks their 75th anniversary. 

From mental health to universal health care to disease prevention, World Health Day aims to bring awareness to a topic or theme of concern regarding public health. By focusing on a relevant area of health, they set the stage of what’s to come in global healthcare. 

This year’s World Health Day is “Health For All.” The WHO is using their 75th anniversary milestone as an opportunity to look back at the public health successes of the past 7 decades. They are also using it to mount plans of action and start conversations about the health challenges of today and of the future. 

Who is WHO?

When the covid-19 pandemic began, WHO became one of the most trusted authorities on the virus and public health. Many people who may not have been familiar with the organisation and what it does were made aware of how important the organisation is for global health matters. 

However, WHO does far more than just advise on pandemic procedures.

WHO was founded in 1948 as an organisation to unite nations across the world to promote the health and wellbeing of all people. It’s an agency of the United Nations whose main goal is to keep the world safe and provide everyone with the highest level of health. As stated in their 1948 constitution, healthcare is a right- not a privilege. 

They work with 194 member states to improve access to healthcare. One such way that they do this is by expanding universal health care and focusing this care on science-based policies and procedures.

WHO is governed by the World Health Assembly, a decision making body made up of representatives from all member states. This body ensures that everything WHO does is transparent, accountable, and equal.

World Health Day 2023: Health For All

This year’s World Health Day highlights the main message of WHO, that all people have the right to access healthcare. This access should be universal, free from restriction or prejudice, and should not come with financial hardship. 

The research is clear. Countries with universal health care have better outcomes. Countries that have invested in universal healthcare have been shown to have:

  • Less poverty
  • Less hunger
  • More protections against epidemics
  • Higher economic growth
  • Better gender equality 
  • Higher life expectancy
  • Improved quality of life 
  • More job creation 

Despite the benefits of having healthcare for all, many countries are reluctant to spend the money and resources to provide it. That’s why this year’s World Health Day hopes to show that investing in human capital does more than just improve the health of the population. 

How Can I Get Involved?

This year’s theme, Health For All, is an all-encompassing theme that gives you the freedom to get creative if you want to take part. It’s also an chance to come together with your local community, workplace, church, and your own family. By becoming directly involved, you can truly see how World Health Day benefits everyone- including you!

  1. At Home: Take the time to learn all you can so you can educate yourself and your loved ones about the purpose of World Health Day and what the World Health Organisation is all about. Health education doesn’t just have to be in a classroom!
  2. Local Events: You can also take a look to see which events are going on near you. There are numerous local groups and authorities hosting events around the world so there may be an opportunity for you to attend or volunteer. If there isn’t anything happening in your local area, you can always volunteer your time at a healthcare facility or even donate blood.
  3. Share: The internet and social media are major sources of information for many of us. Use your own social media to share reliable information about world health day and spread the word about health promotion.
  4. Fundraise: Charities at home and abroad depend on donations to fund their research and services. You can sign up for an organised walk or run, host a charity event, or use social media to start a fundraiser for an organisation that’s dedicated to public health.
  5. First Aid: You never know when you’ll have to administer first aid or CPR. Even if you’ve had training in the past, techniques evolve over time to ensure the safest and most reliable advice is given. Sign up for a local first aid course or CPR class so you can provide help when it’s needed.
  6. At Work: We spend a lot of time sitting at desks or looking down at devices. Inactivity is one of the biggest contributors to poor health in the western world. Get your staff and co-workers active by encouraging them to get up at designated times to stretch, do a silly dance, or get up to get a glass of water. This can be applied within physical settings and for remote workers alike.

Global Health Awareness Day and Pharmacy Planet

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