Best weight loss treatment options to consider Best weight loss treatment options to consider

Sometimes it can be near impossible to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. Even if you find the time to eat healthy and to get regular exercise, you might not be able to achieve your weight loss goals. Our bodies are all different to one another is different which means we don’t all lose weight the same way. There even may be factors beyond your control that make it harder to lose weight and to keep it off like genetics, age, or certain health conditions. 

Additionally, it can be hard to lose weight when you’re significantly overweight. It might feel like it’s too big of a task or can be discouraging if you are not achieving your goals as quickly as you’d like. Diet and exercise are all well and good, but we all have our own limitations when it comes to mobility and spare time. 

If any of this sounds like your experience with trying to lose weight, you aren’t alone! There are now proven medical treatments that can give you the extra boost you need to lose weight and keep it off. The best part about these effective treatments is that they don’t require any invasive procedures or surgeries. 

These medications and treatments available with us have helped countless people successfully lose weight when used correctly as part of a healthy weight loss strategy


Wegovy was approved in the US in 2021 and has provided users with fantastic results. As part of a reduced calorie diet and moderate exercise plan, around 85% of people lose more than 5% of their overall body weight. Around 30% of people lost a staggering 20% of their body weight. 

On the back of this success, Wegovy has recently been approved for use in the UK and will soon be available for purchase on Pharmacy Planet. 

The active ingredient in Wegovy, semaglutide, is given as a once-weekly injection in your stomach, arm, or upper thigh. It works by suppressing your appetite and by making you feel fuller off less food. This will help you to eat less and to lose weight. 

Dosages vary and you’ll probably start off with a lower dose as your body adjusts to the new treatment. Once you are able to, your dosage will increase to higher levels. 

When compared to other weight loss medications, Wegovy seems to help people lose even more weight as long as they follow the correct treatment plan. 


Saxenda is a weight loss drug that contains an active ingredient know as liraglutide. When taken alongside healthy lifestyle changes, over 85% of people taking Saxenda lost a significant amount of weight.

It’s given as a once daily injection and works by making you feel less hungry than you normally do and keep you feeling fuller for longer. This will keep you from overeating and should help you lose weight. 

Your body has a hormone in if called glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1) which is the hormone responsible for telling your brain when you are full. Saxenda mimics this hormone to reduce your appetite. 

Results from Saxenda can be seen in as little as 12 weeks. Your prescriber will check in with you at this point to monitor your progress and decide whether you should continue with this medication or try something new. 


Orlistat is the generic name of an effective weight loss medication sold under the brand name Xenical. Generic versions of medications are the same as the branded versions except they cost a fraction of the cost. 

This medication is designed for people with a body mass index (BMI) or 30 and over or people with a BI of 28 who are at risk of weight-related health complications. Taken as a tablet three times per day, Orlistat works by breaking down 1/3 of the fat you consume. This unabsorbed fat is passed through your body in your stools. 

Take one tablet with a glass of water either before, during, or immediately after eating a main meal. Orlistat will only work when you have consumed dietary fat so you shouldn’t take it after skipping any meals. You should also refrain from eating excessive dietary fat so that the medication can remain effective. 


Ozempic is a once-weekly injection that contains the active ingredient semaglutide. In addition to helping people lose weight, it can also help treat and manage type 2 diabetes

The semaglutide in Ozempic helps you lose weight by sending your brain signals relating to appetite and fullness. Your appetite will be reduced and you’ll feel full after consuming less food than you normally do. 

Ozempic also safely delays the emptying of your stomach which will work toward making you feel like you are full for a longer period than usual. 

Who Can Take These Weight Loss Treatments?

You’ll need to have an assessment with your GP or prescriber before you can start taking a weight loss medication. They aren’t designed for people who only have a small amount of weight, but for those who are obese or significantly overweight. 

It’s of vital importance that you enact a healthy lifestyle plan alongside weight loss treatments. The medications will not work unless you eat a balanced diet and regularly partake in physical exercise. 

The key is to adopt lifestyle changes that work in the long term and fit with your personal lifestyle. Some of the best weight loss tips include:  

  • Taking the stairs instead of a lift
  • Going on regular walks at a moderate pace
  • Finding physical activities you enjoy
  • Making a weight loss pact with a friend or loved one for added accountability
  • Eating filling foods that are lower in calories and fat

These are only suggestions. You need to find out what works for you so that you’ll have an increased chance of successfully achieving your long-term weight management goals. 

We can help you safely lose weight with medications, information, and advice. To find out more about medically assisted weight loss, start a quick consultation or contact us directly.