Does HRT reduce the Risk of Dementia?

Just the name alone of Dementia is enough to create fear in people. While the cure and treatment of Dementia are still up to speculations, studies have shown a ray of hope in the form of HRT treatment.

But does HRT treatment really help in reducing the risk of Dementia?

What Is Dementia?
Rather than just being one single illness, Dementia is a conjoined part of mental illnesses such as loss of memory, ability to think or decide, and having trouble carrying out day to day life chores.

While there are many different types of Dementia, Alzheimer's is the most well-known sort of dementia and the most common one. Dementia generally happens to older adults or seniors.

What Causes Dementia?
Dementia is caused generally by when the mental nerves and receptors are harmed or damaged. When synapses can't communicate, thinking, memorizing, remembering, or deciding becomes hard and eventually impossible for a person.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dementia?

Since it is so integral, the symptoms of Dementia can easily be identified from an early stage. The early and common symptoms may include:

  • Memory loss, especially the capacity to remember.
  • Loss in the bailey to focus
  • Behavioural changes
  • Withdrawal or moodiness.
  • Loss of capacity to do regular work.

What Is HRT Treatment?
HRT treatment
is also known as hormonal replacement therapy or menopausal hormone therapy. It is a type of hormonal therapy treatment used to treat side effects related to female menopause. Since it deals with hormones, studies have shown a connection between HRT and treating or forstalling Dementia with it.

Does HRT Treatment Help Against Dementia?
Studies have shown hormonal replacement therapy to ‘help the cerebrum and fight off cognitive decline'. Research suggests that taking hormone replacement therapy treatment to adapt to menopause may profit the mind and fight cognitive decline.

A seven-year study has discovered females who take HRT experience fewer age-related changes to the mind.

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