How do I prevent Cystitis infections?

Cystitis infections are most common in women. Cystitis infection is the bladder’s inflammation, which is caused by a bacterial infection in the bladder. The bladder inflammation is severe and painful, and if proper attention is not given to it, it can also spread towards the kidney’s damaging them.

While mild cases get better with time and a little precaution, the women having frequent episodes of the painful experience should immediately see a doctor to avoid getting worse. Another name for cystitis infection is UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

Various causes can cause this infection. Possible causes include having sexual intercourse, being younger than one year, and older than 75 years. Using different birth control types like diaphragm for contraception, weak immune system, and even having diabetes can increase the chance of harbouring infections.

Symptoms of cystitis infections
When you have harboured the infection, specific symptoms can help you identify if you have cystitis infection. The infection’s different signs include a strong and urgent need to urinate, burning sensation whenever you urinate, having light fever, and generally not feeling up to the mark, passing blood in urine, cloudy or strong-smelling urine, pelvic discomfort, and discomfort in the lower abdomen.

Some of these symptoms can be visible, including weakness, irritability, reduced appetite, and vomiting in children. If you are suffering from one of these symptoms, then it is wise that you go and see a doctor immediately to avoid it getting worse and affecting your kidneys.

Treatment of cystitis infections
There are different ways to treat cystitis infection, including drinking more water and avoiding caffeine, frequently urinating, using heating pads to reduce the pain and discomfort, and drinking cranberry juice, helping release the uneasiness.

Moreover, one of the most effective ways to fight this problem is by taking antibacterial drugs. Doctors usually recommend Nitrofurantoin, Trimethoprim as a way to cure cystitis infection. Trimethoprim Tablets for Cystitis help in decreasing the inflammation of the bladder

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