Is Your Diet Causing Your Acne?

Spots, or acne, can be distressing no matter how old you are. Even though it is more common in adolescents, people can continue to have breakouts well into their adult years. So if your skin is plagued by red spots, you may want to rethink your diet habits.

A High Glycemic Diet
High in refined sugar and carbs, high glycemic foods can cause rapid changes in your blood sugar levels. It is believed that when your blood sugar goes up, your body may produce more oil (sebum) and this can lead to more breakouts. The research isn’t conclusive, but given that a diet full of high glycemic foods can have long-term effects on your health it’s beneficial overall to cut back. High glycemic foods include white bread, sugary drinks, pastries, white potatoes, and white rice.

Alcohol and Acne
Consuming large quantities of alcohol can cause devastating damage throughout your body. It can also cause an imbalance of the hormones related to acne, oestrogen and testosterone. When your hormone levels increase, you’re more at risk for developing acne. Plus, your body is less able to fight off the bacteria that can cause spots.

The Role of Milk
There may be a link between milk and acne. Studies have shown that people who drink milk are more likely to have breakouts than those who don’t. More research needs to be done, especially since other dairy products haven’t been tested, but in the meantime only drink as much milk as is recommended to keep your bones and teeth strong.

The Greasy Diet and Gluten Myths
Your mother may have told you that your breakouts are because you eat too many takeaways and greasy foods, but there’s no evidence that greasy food increases the oil produced by your skin. This doesn’t mean you should eat that extra slice of pizza, though, since a diet high in greasy and processed foods can have major impacts on your health in other ways.

The case is similar with gluten. Unless you have a diagnosed intolerance to gluten, cutting it out of your diet won’t clear up your skin.

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