How Does Diabetes Affect Your Sex Life?

When it is not properly managed, type 2 diabetes can cause a lot of problems throughout the body. Diabetics are more likely to suffer from heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, and depression. Another area that diabetes can cause problems is in the bedroom. Studies have shown that diabetes can have a negative impact on sexual health in both men and women.

Impact on Women
The most common sexual health complaint among women with type 2 diabetes is vaginal dryness. It is caused by reduced blood flow to the genitals and/or hormonal changes. Women are also more likely to have frequent vaginal and urinary tract infections. These infections, as well as dryness, can make sex more painful and less enjoyable.

Impact on Men

Up to half of men with type 2 diabetes experience erectile dysfunction (ED), a condition that makes it difficult for men to achieve and maintain an erection long enough for sexual activity. Another common sexual dysfunction linked with diabetes is retrograde ejaculation, where semen ejaculates into the bladder instead of out the penis.

Impact on Both Men and Women

A loss of sex drive can be experienced by men and women with diabetes. Low libido has been linked to several complications of diabetes like poor circulation and to medications taken by diabetics.

Diabetic neuropathy, or nerve damage, can affect nerves all throughout the body, including those involved with sexual activity. Neuropathy can cause numbness or pain in the genitals, both of which can make it difficult to achieve orgasm.

The psychological impact these sexual problems can cause can lead to relationship troubles. That is why it is important to be honest with your partner and to make sure you keep your diabetes under control. Treating your diabetes effectively and making smart choices will help reduce complications of diabetes including sexual dysfunction. These choices include:

  • Eating a healthy, low-sugar diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Losing weight if you have obesity or excess weight
  • Taking your diabetes medication

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