Differences between heartburn and heart attack symptoms Differences between heartburn and heart attack symptoms

If you experience frequent chest pain, you may be suffering from a common condition known as heartburn. With a few lifestyle changes and medications, this is a condition that can be easily managed. However, if your chest pain isn’t going away you might be worried the chest pain could be a sign of something more serious.

What is a heart attack?

A heart attack is a potentially fatal medical condition where blood is prevented from reaching the heart. This is usually caused by the blood vessels leading to the heart becoming blocked.

Symptoms of Heart Attack:

  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling weak or dizzy
  • Pain in the jaw, back, neck
  • Pain in one or both arms or shoulders

What is angina?

Angina is a type of chest pain that is caused by reduced blood flow to the heart muscles. It is not something that always needs immediate medical attention, but it could be an indicator of a future heart attack or stroke.

The symptoms of angina include:

  • Chest pain that is tight, dull or heavy
  • Pain that spreads to your arms, neck, back, or jaw
  • Pain that occurs when you exercise or are stressed and stops once you relax for a few minutes
  • Feeling sick
  • Struggling to catch your breath

What is heartburn?

Heartburn is caused by acid reflux which is where stomach acid moves up into your throat causing a burning feeling in your chest. It is usually the result of the stomach producing excess acid.

Symptoms of Heartburn:

  • A burning sensation in the middle of your chest
  • Sour taste in the mouth
  • Bloating or nausea
  • Persistent cough or hiccups
  • A hoarse voice

Gastrointestinal Medication

It is always important to seek out medical advice if you are suffering from chest pain. If your doctor concludes that it is acid reflux or heartburn and not a heart condition, there are several gastrointestinal medications you can take.

  1. Lansoprazole Capsules: Lansoprazole Capsules is a drug that helps prevent your stomach from producing excess acid.
  2. Omeprazole Losec Capsules: Omeprazole Losec Capsules, also sold under the brand name Losec, is an Acid Reflux medication that helps lower the amount of stomach acid you produce.

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