Daily Foot Care Routine for Diabetics

Have you ever pondered over the significant role your feet play in your daily life? Feet are the first to touch the ground whenever you're standing, walking or running, and they are extensions of the legs, which help you move. But the health of your feet is much more than that. Since they are the foundation of your body, so keeping your feet healthy can help keep you healthy.

If you are diabetic, caring for your feet will play a more important role in your life. Not only do you have to keep your feet healthy but also free from infections that can give rise to complications.

Read on for some excellent tips to keep them healthy.

1. Remove dead dry skin from your feet: The first step to healthy feet is good hygiene. Regular use of foot filing products that are designed to remove dry skin can work wonders for your feet. Use the file when your feet are dry; using it on wet feet can leave them sore.

2. Bathe your feet regularly: You do not need a dedicated session to bathe your feet, the truth is that those of us who have tried doing it once, decide that it’s far too much fuss. Try using essential oils. Add a few drops to your bathwater along with carrier oil or even your moisturiser. Peppermint will cool down hot, aching feet, tea-tree is antibacterial & antifungal and will help to treat fungal infections if any.

3. Scrub off the dead cells: Use a foot scrub weekly to stimulate circulation and leave your feet feeling and looking soft and smooth. Immediately moisturise post scrubbing especially heels since they absorb moisture quickly after the dead skin cells are scraped off.

4. Get regular checkups for your feet: Diabetes can give rise to circulatory problems due to its ability to choke the tiny blood vessels in your feet. Due to lack of proper blood supply, wound healing can be prolonged if any are sustained. Wounds on the feet of a diabetes patient need to be treated more quickly.

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5. Choose breathable footwear: To let your feet breathe and keep them dry and healthy, shoes made of leather that allow air to circulate are the best choice. If you’re prone to excessively sweaty feet, look for shoes made of mesh fabrics for optimum breathability.

6. Check for fungal infections: Presence of moisture boosts the growth of fungal infections, so feet should always be kept dry. In case of redness, itch or presence of fungal growth, medicated anti-fungal ointments should always be used. Ointments containing Ketoconazole (antifungal agent) treats fungal infections and gives relief from the Athlete’s foot and Dhobi itch.