How does Orlistat work to help you lose weight

Orlistat is a well-known weight loss medication which, as part of a doctor-approved weight loss and exercise programme, can help overweight and obese people to shed those excess pounds.  Excess weight or obesity can shorten your life and is a significant culprit of heart disease, Type Two Diabetes Mellitus and high blood pressure (hypertension).  If you want to buy Orlistat online as part of a weight-loss treatment programme then you can find Orlistat in many high street pharmacies like Superdrug and we also sell it in our online pharmacy.

How does Orlistat work?
Orlistat works by blocking the enzyme that breaks down fats within your diet.  The undigested fat then passes out of the body as part of the bowel movement.  Orlistat does not block the absorption of all calories so it does not affect sugars and other non-fat foods meaning that unless you undertake a calorie-controlled diet, it won’t have the impact you might have hoped for.  Orlistat also does not block all of the fat absorption but reduces it by around one third.

Orlistat is normally only available on doctor’s prescription and will usually only be prescribed as part of a package of weight loss and control measures and if there are other serious health implications which could be exacerbated without weight loss.  It is also possible to buy Orlistat online without a doctor’s prescription but you should always seek medical advice if you are seriously overweight or have underlying health conditions before you take it.

Orlistat is not a wonder drug and will only work as part of a calorie-controlled diet where food intake is reduced and also certain foods such as sugars are restricted and minimised.  Exercise is the other key factor to weight loss but a combination of a new diet, Orlistat and a sensible exercise programme can yield some impressive results over time.  Quick weight loss can have health implications and is usually not sustained; steady and measured weight loss is the key to long-term success and this usually involves a multi-faceted approach to weight loss which is not using just diet centric medication and exercise but, rather, a combination of them all.

Are there any other uses for Orlistat?
Orlistat can help those who have lost weight without it, to help keep the weight from retunring.

If you are starting weight loss treatment and have been prescribed medication then you can find Orlistat at high street chemists like Superdrug or you can buy Orlistat online and over the counter from our professional, reputable pharmacy with all the advice and guidance you need to use this product safely.  Visit our website