Why is wearing a Face Mask so Important?

The debate about wearing a face mask is ongoing as different governments follow varying protocols.  Some criticise the UK government for taking so long to introduce regulations about wearing safety masks but from the 24 July 2020, face masks will be mandatory in UK shops and a growing number of other establishments.  If you are looking to buy surgical face masks in the UK then head to Pharmacy Planet.  The best safety masks are called N95 or surgical masks which are used by the medical professionals and offer the highest levels of protection.  You can buy N95 face masks from Pharmacy Planet, one of the UK’s leading pharmaceutical suppliers.  We supply to UK purchasers looking to buy face masks online with a fast service direct to your door.

The simple premise of a face mask is that it won’t stop someone getting sick but it does restrict the spread of Covid-19 particularly with so many people being asymptomatic i.e. they don’t know that they have the virus or, are spreading infection before any symptoms have become apparent.  Safety masks alone won’t prevent a second wave of infection but will work alongside other measures including social distancing to help minimise pockets of disease particularly heading into the colder winter months.

Why do face masks help in the fight against Covid-19?

A safety mask can reduce the spread of infection between people in close proximity, for example, if they are speaking, coughing or sneezing. Bacteria an also be spread by touching the face, the area around their mouth and nose, and then by placing the hands on other surfaces; safety masks will help reduce this transmission of infection.  Face masks are most effective when people are grouped together in areas where it is difficult to practice social distancing, for example, in a busy supermarket or on public transport.

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