Gloves have had a long history with mankind. These were initially only worn by aristocrats or royalty to mark their blue blood. They slowly found their way into the healthcare system and have been greatly advantageous to those who are saving lives of others, while protecting their own selves. Glove use should not be understated or taken lightly. Exchange of bodily fluids is the main reason for a contagious disease to spread far and wide. This mostly happens because of our hands. The microscopic viruses make their way through the hands into the face and from the face into the mucous membranes like eyes, nose and throat. They can also enter the blood stream through small cuts and fissures on the skin. Therefore, Disposable gloves are a basic necessity, especially during the present pandemic. Thankfully, Disposable gloves are for sale almost everywhere in clinics, pharmacies and hospitals and citizens of the UK can use these to their advantage and even buy Disposable Gloves online.

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Prevention is the only cure and solution to the novel corona virus that has wreaked havoc across the whole world. With over two hundred thousand deaths across the world, one can do every little possible thing in keeping safe and preventing the disease from entering our homes. A number of devices, equipments and personal protection gears are available in the market to protect oneself against this Corona disease. Disposable gloves, hand sanitisers, face masks, face shields, gowns for health professionals and doctors are to name a few. In the UK, you can buy disposable gloves online and these will be delivered to you at your desired location. Safety and prevention of further spreading of a contagious disease like the Corona virus disease is the need of the hour. Keep your healthcare staff well protected by keeping your inventory up to date.

One such useful and straightforward equipment under the PPE –Personal Protective Equipment are the disposable hand gloves. These hand gloves are available in the form of rubber gloves, natural latex gloves, Nitrile, rubber, or plastic disposable gloves and are very effective in preventing the micro particles and micro organisms from making their way into our bodies. Eyes, nose and the mouth are the mucous membranes through which the corona virus makes its way into others bodies. Disposable gloves for sale across UK can be bought online at Pharmacy Planet. Click here to buy your pair of disposable gloves now.

How to wear the gloves?

1) Make sure your hands are clean, if not wash thoroughly by pouring a generous amount of liquid soap and lather up for about 20 seconds all over the palm of your hands. Wash with water and clean dry with a disposable hand tissue or towel. Sanitise your hand using an alcohol based hand sanitiser.

2) Ensure you are not wearing any rings or sharp objects that may cause a tear in the gloves. A torn hand glove defeats the very purpose of wearing one.

3) Check for holes. You can do this by pushing air into the gloves and check if it is escaping. If you find holes, discard immediately and use a fresh pair of gloves.

4) Change the gloves between patients. Make sure to discard the glove pair after seeing each patient. Not doing so will just pass the disease from one to another and can be terribly tragic for the patients. Wear a new pair of gloves for every patient.

5) To take the gloves off one has to be more careful. Do not touch the outside of the glove which may contain bodily fluids of the patients. Pinch the glove on the extreme end and remove it while turning it inside out. This keeps any infectious transmissible inside. Do the same with the other glove.

6) Always make sure to wear well fitted gloves. Gloves with spaces or those that do not fit correctly defeat the purpose of wearing gloves.

7) Dispose it securely in a biohazard bin or sanitary closed bin.

8) Repeat the hand washing and hand sanitising process.

Doctors do not recommend wearing gloves for long periods of time. Each glove worn is for a single time use only and is mostly put on while seeing one patient. You could, however, wear a glove if you are stepping out to buy something and do not want to risk touching surfaces touched by other individuals. But make sure to follow all of the above mentioned steps for personal hygiene.

Hands are the most common ways by which contamination spreads from one person to another and also from our own touch into the blood stream. It is mandatory for doctors and nurses and other healthcare providers to wear gloves while treating patients. As a patient you can ask your attendee to wear disposable gloves if he/she is seeing a patient without wearing them. Disposable gloves are for sale at your nearest pharmacy. If the pharmacy is closed for any reason, Buy gloves online in the UK, but make sure you own them for use especially this corona season.

Nitrile gloves are considered to be superior to vinyl gloves. Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic manmade rubber and have a greater chemical resistance. They are also strong and highly flexible and elastic. They are also harder to puncture. Nitrile gloves are more environmental friendly and are a better value for money. These are also allergy free and naturally resistance against petroleum products. 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 mil thick gloves are available. The thinner the glove the higher the feel. Powered gloves are also available, which help in absorbing sweat. But these are generally not prescribed to healthcare professionals as they may cause inflammation in the patients. Powered practices may trigger a series of reactions among the patients with already compromised immune systems. Therefore, it is best advised not to use any powered gloves while treating patients.

Healthcare professional workers are exposed to a number of diseases on an everyday basis. Treating the patients, checking their temperature or being around them and touching the same objects as the patients put them at a high risk of infection. Protective personal equipment is a must and a responsibility of the hospital to provide the best possible equipment. Even the governments take note and usually ensure all hospitals are well supplied with the general equipments they need on a daily basis. Gloves are the most important, yet mostly under-credited safety equipment for healthcare workers. Without proper gloves, it would be very difficult for lab workers to run tests or for the hospital staff to take care of the patients. Pharmacy Planet offers a wide range of health gear for your daily needs. You can place your bulk orders online and these will be promptly delivered to your door step. Buy Disposable Gloves in the UKfrom Pharmacy Planet.