3ply Type IIR Surgical face masks

3 ply Type IIR Surgical face masks is a high protection face mask developed especially for heath care worker and ...
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3ply Type IIR Surgical face masks
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3 ply Type IIR Surgical face masks is a high protection face mask developed especially for heath care worker and doctors who are in close contact with patients. However professionals dealing with patients infected with the corona virus or the Covid-19 disease should use a N95 respiratior Mask. 3Ply face masks are useful when masks are recommended in non clinical settings such as public transport visiting shops. Most governments now recommend some sort of face covering and these masks are perfect for normal public use when leaving the house for shopping or travelling to work etc... Make sure to buy the corona virus face mask if you are in the UK you can even buy them online.

Face masks are vital and have been made obligatory in many countries. Especially when stepping out of homes and into the public areas, one must wear a mask to avoid the risk of infection. There are different types of masks however and some are only created for the benefit and use of the health care professionals.

Primarily designed for the health care industry, 3 ply Type IIR Surgical medical face masks prevent exposure of bodily fluids of the patient. IIR masks are a four layer protection with pleat style ear loops or ties. They are available in a number of colours. This mask is highly recommended for infection control and for the prevention of cross contamination. This is also a disposable type product and needs to be discarded post single use. The mask is fluid resistance up to 160 MMHG. This mask has been made from high quality polypropylene and allows the wearer to breathe with ease. Some of these masks are equipped with a shield for greater protection against transmission. These face masks are for sale in the UK online. Click here to know more. Some cities have made it mandatory for one to wear face masks when stepping out in the public. Non medical or homemade masks may not be very effective in keeping away the virus. Homemade masks are however better than not wearing any mask at all. The Covid-19 disease is mainly a lung disease. But before the virus gets to the lungs it has to pass through the respiratory system. Your nose and throat, when protected can prevent the virus from reaching the lungs. Once the virus reaches the lungs it becomes critical for the patients to battle against it. Therefore, make use of the protective equipment available in the market to prevent the virus from attacking yourself.

How to wear the mask?

1) First clean your hands with soap and water to get rid of any particles or oily substances before touching the mask.

2) Use an alcohol based hand sanitiser as an additional protection against germs.

3) Place the mask on your nose and press against it. Place the elastic straps over your ears and adjust to your level of comfort.

4) Pull the mask over your mouth and use both hands to press it over your face.

5) Keeping your hands over the mouth inhale. This should tighten the mask around your mouth.

6) If you have touched the mask with your fingers, make sure to use a sanitiser again.

7) While removing the mask, never touch the surface covering the mouth and nose. Always remove the mask from the ears first and then fold and dispose it away in a closed bin.

8) Without touching any surfaces, immediately wash your hands with soap and water after removing the mask. Use sanitiser again.

9) If the mask is damp it becomes ineffective.

10) Always wear a well fitted mask. If it is too loose and not of your size then the point of wearing the mask is lost. The mask will render ineffective and you may catch the virus even while following precautions if the mask is ill-fitted and not your size.

Contamination or spilling or bodily fluids from one person to another has been the main reason for the spread of Covid-19. You can buy face masks online in UK, without having to ever step out of your homes and risking an infection.Pharmacy Planet allows your place your orders online and has them delivered at your door step.

The corona virus has shaken the entire world and countries all over are currently battling this deadly disease. Who knew simple techniques such as covering ones face and hands and maintaining adequate hygiene could prevent the spread of this deadly disease. So far no vaccines have been developed to prevent this virus from entering and damaging your body. However, scientists from all over the world are putting in great efforts and working extremely hard to build one. There is also no cure. Therefore making use of the available protective gear such as face masks, hand sanitisers, gloves are the only possible way to survive this ongoing pandemic. You can buy corona virus face masks in theUK at Pharmacy Planet and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep without having to ever step out and risking yourself and your family against Corona.

There are many types of masks available. In case you are not affected or do not show symptoms, simple surgical masks will keep you and others protected. These are loosely fitted and are simple to wear around the mouth and nose. Care still needs to be taken while taking off the mask and disposing it. Do not touch the mask with your fingers and always remove them using the elastic straps. Wash hands with soap and water thoroughly for a minimum of 20 seconds. It should take as much time as singing the “happy birthday” song twice.

With as many as 200,000+ people losing their lives to this virus globally and 21,092 deaths in UK alone, buying protective equipment does not seem like a bad investment at this point. If you are in the UK, buy surgical face masks before you step out into the public space. Keep yourself at distance from others even while you are wearing the mask.

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