Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitisers are the easiest and fastest ways to clean one’s hands in terms getting rid of germs. They are known to kill over 99.9% germs, which is the most effective way of keeping oneself germ free. A hand sanitiser very crudely is ethanol (alcohol) and water. But, there is so much more that goes into the process of making a hand sanitiser that is both effective and not harmful to your skin. Find out more details in the complete article below. If you are in the UK, you can buy hand sanitisers online from Pharmacy Planet
Hand sanitiser
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Alcohol-free sanitisers are also available in the market. These are generally produced as alcohol makes the skin extremely dry and causes microscopic skin-breaks and fissures. However, using a non-perfumed moisturiser can prevent dryness of skin especially during winters. Using alcohol-based sanitisers is the best. This is especially important because many studies have shown non-alcohol based sanitisers are not as effective in killing germs. These may merely reduce the reproduction of germs but may not entirely kill them. Sanitisers may also contain aloe vera to naturally moisturise your skin. Essential oils may also be added to make your hands smell nice.

Sanitisers are used globally to kill harmful, invisible disease causing microorganisms. Then why do we need soap and water? This step is mainly to remove dirt, oil, other small solid particles that stick to the hands, are eradicated by washing with soap and water. Make sure to especially wash your hands with soap and water after visiting the toilet, coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose, before eating or touching anything after coming from outside. A sanitiser is used to kill microscopic germs and bacteria that still stay on the hand after a wash or may be transferred while wiping our hands. Also, if your hands are already clean and do not need a soap and water wash, you can simply apply the sanitiser for added protection. Sanitisers are also extremely useful in areas where there is a shortage of water or no water easily available. While travelling, carrying a bottle of sanitiser is particularly useful to prevent the spread of germs from touching various objects and things in public.

The minimum amount of alcohol required in a sanitiser is 60% at least for it to be effective. Based on the data from a number of studies, the right process to make hand santisers has been developed. Not using sufficient quantities of the sanitiser or wiping it off before it dries are two major reasons you may catch infectious diseases even though you have been supposedly using precautionary measures.

Under ideal conditions (as tested in labs) hand sanitisers are capable of killing 99% bacteria that can otherwise cause a bunch of diseases. As most commonly sanitisers contain alcohol, it is best to wait till it dries (usually a few seconds) before going near fire. Also, sanitisers are for external use only and must be kept away from children. Reach out to a doctor immediately if you suspect consumption, as sanitisers can be lethal when consumed in large quantities.

Doctors, nurses and other medical staff in the hospitals and clinics are constantly advised to make use of sanitisers as they deal with a number of patients on a daily basis. But, even the patients and visitors of the patients should inculcate the use of sanitisers for utmost safety and for the effective prevention of any possible infection or disease.

Hand sanitisers have been labelled as an essential product and not a luxury by many governments across the global after the Covid-19 pandemic that shook the whole world. If you are stepping outside of your home, you can carry a small bottle in your car or purse. Pharmacy planet offers bottles of sanitiers in all sizes. You can buy 50ml, 100ml, 500ml hand Sanitisers for sale in the UK by clicking on this link. Due to Covid 19 hand Sanitiser sale in the UK and across the world has seen severe shortage due to the sudden and high demand especially from hospitals and from health providers.

Sanitisers should not, however, be treated as a replacement for soap and water cleaning. Your hands may look clean, but germs that can cause deadly diseases or food poisoning and the flu, may be present on your hands. By keeping your hands clean you are protecting not just yourself, but also the lives of others. As immunity in your body may make you resistant to many diseases, but the same may not be the case with others (with lower immunity). Infections may spread to others by shaking hands or by touching common things. For the good health of everyone keeping oneself hygienic and fully clean is therefore essential. You can buy hand Sanitiser online if you are in UK and it will simply be delivered at your door step. In order to beat the Corona virus hand Sanitisers have been put up for sale for the benefit of the highest number of people.

Hand Sanitisers are for sale to provide protection to maximum number of people. It has been noticed that people have been buying these in excessive quantities and therefore there is a high shortage of sanitisers in the market. If this is an issue you are facing as well, you can place an order online and it will soon be delivered to you.

Usually sanitisers contain 60 to 90% alcohol. There have also been cases, where people have tried to extract alcohol or drink sanitisers to get high. This is extremely dangerous and can be deadly for the person who consumes it. In order to prevent people from trying this further and risking their lives, a pungent chemical is usually added. This deters the user from attempting to consume the sanitiser which is for external use only. Also, children may be attracted to the colourful looking bottles and gel like liquid. Therefore sanitisers must be kept away from the reach of children.