Comparing the effectiveness of weight loss tablets vs. injections Comparing the effectiveness of weight loss tablets vs. injections

Weight loss tablets and injections can help you to lose weight alongside additional weight loss measures in an effective weight loss management program. We are your trusted UK supplier of weight loss pills and weight loss injection pens online including Orlistat Capsules and Saxenda Injection Pens.

What are Orlistat Capsules and How Do They Work?

Together with dietary changes and exercise, Orlistat Capsules help you to lose weight by decreasing the dietary fat absorbed in the intestines. It expels about a quarter of the fat you consume rather than allowing it to be stored. It is important to make supporting lifestyle changes or it will be unlikely that weight loss will be lasting. Orlistat is taken within one hour of eating a meal that contains no more than 30% of overall daily fat and calorie intake. If your meal is non-fat, there is no need for an Orlistat Capsule. You should take a multivitamin supplement whilst taking this medication due to possible decreased absorption of fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K and beta carotene.

What are Saxenda Injection Pens and How Do They Work?

Saxenda is a weight loss injection pen. It is injected into the skin once daily, usually at the front of the thigh, front of stomach (abdomen) or upper arm. It contains liraglutide, which is a drug that binds to your “full feeling receptors” and tricks your brain into thinking you are full sooner than you would be. The needle is changeable and the pen comes with a dose selector dial which allows for dose modification. You must follow instructions beginning with a low dose and eventually increasing to your optimal dose. 5 full pens is considered a 30 day supply. You should achieve a weight loss of 5% or more after 16 weeks of use, indicating that Saxenda is working for you. Your doctor can discuss this with you, or you can book your online consultation with us at Pharmacy Planet.

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