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Alvita Blood Pressure Monitor Advanced
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Alvita Blood Pressure Monitor Advanced

Perfect for use at home, Alvita’s Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor, for upper arm use, includes enhanced features, enabling users to take readings with even greater ease and flexibility.

The extra-large screen allows for quick and easy readings, and the device comes with a blood pressure record book included for long-term monitoring.

The device has undergone a series of tests to ensure it provides accurate results which meet the standards of the British Hypertension Society and European Society of Hypertension, and includes comfort inflation technology, a movement detector and an irregular heartbeat detector.

Its large memory allows for the storage of up to 120 measurements in two separate zones, making it ideal for use by two people.

People also ask

Why is it beneficial to measure your blood pressure at home?

Monitoring your blood pressure at home gives you the advantage of taking blood pressure measurements at fixed times of the day, in familiar surroundings, without external influences. As a variety of conditions affect blood pressure, a single measurement is not sufficient for an accurate diagnosis. Home monitoring enables measurements to be taken over the course of weeks and helps to identify an ongoing trend.

Product Features

  • Monitor conforms to British Hypertension Society and European Society of Hypertension standards, enabling confidence in the accuracy of measurements
  • Extra-large screen enables easy readability
  • Large memory allows for up to 60 measurements storage by two users for a total memory of 120 results
  • Comfort inflation technology means users can monitor their health comfortably
  • Irregular heartbeat detector provides clear warning of potential heart issues
  • Perfect for home-use, allowing accurate measurements at any time of day

Tips For Accurate Measurements

Blood pressure changes with every heartbeat and varies throughout the day. The measurements that you obtain from this blood pressure monitor will differ as a result.

• Blood pressure recording can be affected by the position of the user, his or her physiological condition and other factors. For greatest accuracy, wait one hour after exercising, bathing, eating, drinking beverages with alcohol or
caffeine, or smoking to measure blood pressure.

• Before measurement, it’s suggested that you sit quietly for at least 5 minutes as measurement taken during a relaxed state will have greater accuracy. You should not be physically tired or exhausted while taking a measurement.

• Do not take measurements if you are under stress or tension.

• During measurement, do not talk or move your arm or hand muscles.

• Take your blood pressure at normal body temperature. If you are feeling cold or hot, wait a while before taking a measurement.

• If the monitor is stored at very low temperature (near freezing), have it placed at a warm location for at least one hour before using it.

• Wait 5 minutes before taking the next measurement.

Product Specifications

Blood pressure measurements determined with MA801f are equivalent to those obtained by a trained observer using cuff/stethoscope auscultation method, within the limits prescribed by the American National Standard, Electronic or Automated Sphygmomanometers. This unit is to be used by adult consumers in a home environment. Do not use this device on infants or babies.

Measurement Method: Oscillometric
Measurement Range Pressure: 30~260 mmHg; Pulse: 40~199 beats/ minute
Pressure Sensor: Semi conductor
Accuracy Pressure: ± 3mmHg; Pulse: ± 5% of measurement
Inflation: Pump Driven
Deflation: Automatic Air Release Valve
Memory capacity: 60 memories for each zone x 2 zones
Auto-shut-off: 1 minute after last button operation
Operation Environment: 10°C~40°C (50°F~104°F); 40%~85% RH; 700~1060 hPa
Storage and Transportation Environment:
-10°C~60°C (14°F~140°F); 10%~90% RH; 700~1060 hPa
DC Power Source: DC 6V four AA Batteries
Dimensions: 160 (L) X 111 (W) X 75 (H) mm
Weight: 310g (G.W.) (w/o Batteries)
Arm circumference Adult: 24~40 cm (9.4”~15.7”)
Cuff materials Outer fabric: Nylon
Air bag: PVC
Tubing: PVC
Connector: ABS
Limited Users: Adult users
Type BF: Device and cuff are designed to provide special protection against electrical shocks.
IP Classification IP21: Protection against harmful ingress of water and particulate matter

Precautions and Warnings

1. The unit contains high-precision assemblies. Therefore, avoid extreme temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight. Avoid dropping or strongly shocking the main unit, and protect it from dust.
2. Clean the blood pressure monitor body and the cuff carefully with a slightly damp, soft cloth. Do not press. Do not wash the cuff or use chemical cleaner on it. Never use thinner, alcohol or petrol (gasoline) as cleaner.
3. Leaky batteries can damage the unit. Remove the batteries when the unit is not used for a long time.
4. The unit should not be operated by children so to avoid hazardous situations.
5. If the unit is stored near freezing, allow it to acclimate at room temperature before use.
6. This unit is not field serviceable. You should not use any tool to open the device nor should you attempt to adjust anything inside the device. If you have any problems, please contact the store or the doctor from whom you purchased this unit.
7. As a common issue for all blood pressure monitors using the oscillometric measurement function, the device may have difficulty in determining the proper blood pressure for users diagnosed with common arrhythmia (atrial or ventricular premature beats or atrial fibrillation), diabetes, poor circulation of blood, kidney problems, or for users suffered from stroke, or for unconscious users.
8. To stop operation at any time, press the ON/OFF/START button, and the air in the cuff will be rapidly exhausted.
9. Once the inflation reaches 300 mmHg, the unit will start deflating rapidly for safety reasons.
10. Please note that this is a home healthcare product only and it is not intended to serve as a substitute for the advice of a physician or medical professional.
11. Do not use this device for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or disease. Measurement results are for reference only. Consult a healthcare professional for interpretation of pressure measurements. Contact your physician if you have or suspect any medical problem. Do not change your medications without the advice of your physician or healthcare professional.
12. Electromagnetic interference: The device contains sensitive electronic components. Avoid strong electrical or electromagnetic fields in the direct vicinity of the device (e.g. mobile telephones, microwave ovens). These may lead to temporary impairment of measurement accuracy
13. Dispose of device, batteries, components and accessories according to local regulations.
14. This monitor may not meet its performance specification if stored or used outside temperature and humidity ranges specified in Specifications.

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