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  1. Exploring effective hair loss treatment options

    Over-The-Counter Hair Loss Treatments: What Works And What Doesn't

    Coping with hair loss can devastate your physical and emotional well-being and affect your mental health. It can impact your confidence and self-esteem. But don’t worry. If that’s you, this article is for you and entails hair loss treatments. This article is a comprehensive guide to all the hair loss treatments so you don’t fall prey to the many scams in the market that claim to grow your hair back within a month. Let’s begin!

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  2. Exploring stages of male pattern baldness to promote hair growth

    Medical Interventions For Hair Loss: How To Minimise Your Hair Loss?

    Have you noticed more hair than usual coming out whenever you brush or wash your hair? We all lose hair as we age, but for some people this loss can be much more pronounced. Any type of hair loss can be distressing especially if it becomes advanced enough to leave bald patches.

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  3. Shedding light on alopecia and its types

    Alopecia: Its Causes And Symptoms

    The hair on your head can be a big part of your identity and how you see yourself. That’s why it can be especially distressing if you run your hand through your locks and discover that it’s thinner than usual. Hair loss can affect both men and women and can be the result of several different causes. Whether this hair loss can be stopped or delayed will depend on what’s causing it.

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  4. Exposing common myths about hair regrowth

    Regaining Lost Hair: Busting Myths About Hair Regrowth

    Losing your hair can be traumatic and make you want to do just about anything to stop it. Hair loss can be effectively slowed down with the right treatments and lifestyle adjustments so it’s important to know the real treatments from the fake. From miracle cures to old wives tales, there are a lot of misconceptions about how to stop your hair from falling out. Here are a few of the most common myths associated with hair loss.

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  5. How vitamin deficiency cause hair loss & tips to prevent hair loss

    Can nutrient deficiency result in hair loss?

    Hair loss is a very common challenge that can affect both men and women. Research has shown that at least 80% of men and 50% of women will experience hair loss. Thinning hair and bald spots can seriously impact a person’s self-esteem, self-image, and mental health. Hair loss can be caused by a wide range of factors, but the most common cause is a genetic condition caused by androgenic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is also known as male pattern hair loss and female pattern baldness.

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  6. Here are some of the most common causes of hair loss in females

    What Are The Most Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Females?

    Just about everyone wants a head of thick, healthy, and shiny hair yet very few of us seem to be able to attain it without going to the salon. This can be made even less attainable if you’re noticing that your hair is thinning or falling out.

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  7. Change in Lifestyle to slow down the male Patterned baldness

    Change in Lifestyle to Slow Down the Male Patterned Baldness

    If you’ve noticed more hair than usual ending up on your comb or going down the shower drain, you may be suffering from male pattern baldness. Everyone’s hair thins out some as they age, but losing an excessive amount of hair is one of the main symptoms of male pattern baldness.

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  8. Does Propecia Really Work for Hair Loss?

    Does Propecia Really Work for Hair Loss?

    One of the more distressing aspects of getting older for men is hair loss. Thankfully, you don’t have to turn to unsightly toupees or expensive medical procedures as there is an effective hair loss treatment available called Propecia.

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  9. Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

    Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

    Masturbation is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of, but for many it is still a taboo or shameful subject. We are inundated with sexual imagery everywhere we turn, yet the act of self-pleasure is not a subject most people feel comfortable talking about.

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  10. HRT as a Hair Loss Treatment: Benefits and Risks

    HRT as a Hair Loss Treatment: Benefits and Risks

    The menopause is well known for causing women to experience mood fluctuations and hot flashes, but did you know it can also cause hair loss? The decreased levels of hormones caused by the menopause may thin the hair on your head as well as cause hair to sprout in places you don’t want it.

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