Period Delay Medication and Pregnancy

What is period delay medication?
Period delay medication helps a woman in delaying their periods. Period delay treatment involves taking Norethisterone, an active ingredient that helps in waiting for the periods. It is entirely safe to take Norethisterone Tablets if the right amount is taken, and it is done in the right way.

It is, however, not safe for all the women to take. Like pregnant women should avoid it, also the ones who have suffered vascular disease or have liver tumours or breast cancer. Women who are breastfeeding, have a heart issue of any sort, or have abnormal vaginal bleeding should also avoid the medicine.

Are there any side effects of taking Norethisterone?
There are not many notable side effects of using Norethisterone tablets, but it is the case if the tablets are occasionally taken. The medicine’s frequent use can cause specific side effects like mood swings, acne, loss of libido, fluid retention, and breast tenderness.

If you are not using it frequently, you are good to go and will not face any severe problems.

Effects of Period delay tablets on pregnancy
As mentioned above, period delay tablets should be avoided in pregnancy. The reason behind avoiding Norethisterone during pregnancy is that it can affect the child’s development inside the womb.

Women also usually confuse period delay with contraception, believing that the Norethisterone Tablets they take can help them avoid pregnancy. This is not the case, and proper contraception methods should be used to prevent pregnancy during sex.

After you stop taking Norethisterone, your periods should start in three days. If this does not happen, then there are chances that you might be pregnant. The best thing to do is see your doctor or take a pregnancy test to ensure the result.

Final Word
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