Choosing the best treatment between veoza and hormone therapy for hrt Choosing the best treatment between veoza and hormone therapy for hrt

Menopause brings a whirlwind of change, and managing its symptoms, particularly hot flashes and night sweats, can feel like navigating a confusing maze. One common solution you'll encounter is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). But what if hormones aren't your cup of tea? Enter Veoza, a groundbreaking non-hormonal medication arriving in the UK market in January 2024. Now, the question arises: Veoza or HRT – which is the right choice for me?

What is Veoza and what makes it different?

Veoza isn't your typical menopause medication. Unlike HRT, which replaces declining estrogen and progesterone, Veoza takes a unique non-hormonal approach. It targets a specific receptor in the brain responsible for regulating body temperature, thereby alleviating the intensity and frequency of hot flashes and night sweats. This targeted approach means Veoza avoids the potential side effects associated with hormonal fluctuations, making it an attractive option for women who prefer a non-hormonal solution.

Veoza vs. HRT: Weighing the Options

When considering Veoza vs. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), evaluating their impacts on individual health profiles becomes pivotal. Veoza's non-hormonal nature and HRT's established effectiveness pose a significant choice.

Veoza for Hot Flashes

  • Effectiveness: Clinical trials have shown Veoza to be significantly effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of hot flashes compared to placebo. While HRT remains the strongest contender, Veoza offers a solid alternative without the hormonal concerns.

Veoza for Night Sweats

  • Efficacy: Although data on Veoza's impact on night sweats is still emerging, initial studies indicate promising results. For women who prefer a hormone-free approach, Veoza offers a potential solution to sleep-disrupting night sweats.


  • Risks: Both Veoza and HRT come with potential side effects. Veoza's most common side effects include nausea, headache, and fatigue, typically milder than those associated with HRT.


  • HRT Limitations: Not everyone is a good candidate for HRT. Women with a history of certain cancers, blood clots, or liver disease may not be eligible. Veoza offers a suitable alternative for these women who still seek relief from vasomotor symptoms.

Benefits of Veoza over HRT

  • Non-hormonal: Avoids potential side effects related to hormonal fluctuations.
  • Target-specific: Focuses on the root cause of hot flashes and night sweats without affecting other bodily functions.
  • Potential for fewer side effects: Generally milder than those associated with HRT.

Risks of Veoza vs. HRT

  • Newer option: Veoza is relatively new, and while initial studies are promising, long-term data is still accumulating compared to the extensive research on HRT.
  • Limited scope: Veoza primarily addresses hot flashes and night sweats, while HRT can offer broader benefits like bone health and cardiovascular protection.

Who should consider Veoza

  • Women seeking a non-hormonal alternative to HRT.
  • Women with pre-existing conditions that preclude HRT use.
  • Women experiencing moderate to severe hot flashes and night sweats.

Where can I get Veoza?

Veoza will be available in the UK market from January 2024 and can be purchased online through trusted pharmacies like Pharmacy Planet. With its unique non-hormonal approach and targeted effectiveness, Veoza opens up a new pathway for menopause symptom management.

Remember, the decision between Veoza and HRT is personal and should be made in consultation with your doctor. Weigh your individual needs and preferences, explore both options thoroughly, including any considerations related to HRT medication, and choose the path that leads you to greater comfort and well-being during this transitional phase.