How to Respond When Your Partner Experiences Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s not uncommon for both partners to feel worried or anxious when erectile dysfunction (ED) happens. The person with ED can feel embarrassed while their partner may think they are no longer physically attractive. These two scenarios are probably far off from reality so to keep your relationship strong, try these approaches to erectile dysfunction.

Understanding Erections

One of the best ways to be supportive is to learn how erections work and what causes ED. When a man becomes aroused, blood surges to the penis and creates an erection. If sufficient blood flow doesn’t reach the penis, it’s harder to gain and sustain an erection strong enough for penetration and orgasm.

You can get more information online about erections and ED or you can speak to a medical professional, therapist, or sex therapist.

De-stigmatizing ED

It’s important to remember that ED isn’t something that necessarily needs to be ‘fixed.’ It can happen to anyone at any age for any reason, so it’s not something to feel embarrassment or shame about. Reassure your partner that it definitely isn’t as big of a deal as they think it is and that you will support any decision they make and won’t force any solutions or treatment on them.

Starting a Conversation

Many couples find it difficult to discuss sex in an open an honest way. It can be a sensitive topic and emotions may run high, making people wary of talking about ED. Take a step back, approach the conversation openly and honestly, and don’t take it personally if your partner makes suggestions.

Problem Solving Together

ED impacts both people in the relationship. With understanding and empathy, you can find ways to keep the intimacy and romance alive that aren’t focused on erections. Erectile dysfunction may just end up bringing you closer together!

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

If you and your partner decide to get treatment for erectile dysfunction, a GP is your first stop. They can rule out any underlying conditions that may be causing it and provide advice on what your next steps should be. Your doctor may prescribe erectile dysfunction medication like Levitra or Viagra to give you an extra boost in the bedroom.

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