Pornography Habit Is Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

The availability of pornography has exploded over the past couple of decades, making it easier than ever for people to consume porn of every shape and size. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) and frequently watch porn, you might be wondering if there’s a link.

ED and Porn Addiction

While porn itself doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction, it can contribute to what’s called ‘desensitisation.’ The more porn you watch, the more your brain chemistry changes, leading you to need ever increasing stimulation to get turned on.

Your expectations change because of porn, which can then make you feel dissatisfaction with partnered sex. The people and scenes in porn are exaggerated and perfected to the point where it’s simply not realistic. Expecting you or your partner to be like the actors in adult films will only put too much pressure on you both.

Prevent ED

Eat Healthy: The foods and drinks that are bad for your heart health are bad for your sexual health, too. The eating habits that cause restricted blood flow in your arteries can also prevent blood from reaching the penis.

Lose Weight: Being overweight can cause weight related diseases like diabetes which can result in nerve damage throughout the body and sexual organs.

Pack in the Cigarettes: Cigarettes can restrict blood flow much like fatty foods can, only adding to the myriad of negative effects cigarettes have on the body.

Be Mindful of Your Mind: Your brain is directly involved with sexual arousal so stress, depression, and anxiety can contribute to ED. Address any of your mental health concerns with your partner, GP, or trusted medical professional.

Get a Check-up: ED can be one of the first symptoms of conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. If you suddenly develop ED, speak to your GP so they can rule out anything else.

Take Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Many men find success with ED medications. They work by relaxing the blood vessels throughout the body including those at the penis, allowing for more blood flow.

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