Choosing the right ed pills for your needs Choosing the right ed pills for your needs

Since it came on the market, the use of ED pills has become very popular for treating men's erection problems, because according to users it offers high efficacy to treat erectile dysfunction, impotence or maintain erections for longer. In addition, it acts very quickly and can be taken just before sexual intercourse. However, specialists warn that its use could cause some side effects and recommend consuming the pill appropriately.

Benefits of using Viagra

Levitra, Cialis and sildenafil. These ED pills are an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase, an enzyme that helps break down cGMP, the regulator of blood flow to the corpora cavernosa of the male member. This causes more blood to reach the penis, causing an erection. One of the advantages of viagra is the speed with which it works and the flexibility it offers to be taken at the right time. In men with erectile dysfunction, the use of viagra allows you to have an erection 30 to 60 minutes after ingestion. To improve erections, it can be consumed up to four hours before the sexual encounter.

As we have said, there are four types of pills that can make everything easier. Of course, you always need a medical prescription so you can enjoy them as you expect. Also, if you are looking to purchase any of these erectile dysfunction treatment pills online, we has you covered.

Viagra, the blue classic

Viagra was the first to address an issue that raises so many sensitivities like this. These boosted blood flow to the penis and thus facilitated an erection. It was the first PDE5i, a 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which managed to bring joy back to many men, who until then suffered in silence.

Cialis, the weekend pill

Cialis (Tadalafil generic). Its effect comes 30 minutes after its administration, reaching maximum effectiveness after two hours. “It lasts longer than Viagra and is not affected by food. In the studies carried out, some men have had erections even after 24 to 36 hours”, explains the urologist.

Levitra, do not take if you go for food
Very often, just a month after Cialis came out on the market, Vardenafil appeared, the so-called Levitra. But beware, the effect of Levitra is reduced if it is taken after heavy meals rich in fat (> 57% fat).