How does Sumatriptan work

Migraines are one of the most debilitating health issues with multiple triggers and the ability to seemingly strike without warning.  Fortunately, there are migraine treatments available online like Sumatriptan.  If you are a migraine sufferer and are looking to buy migraine treatment online then use Pharmacy Planets’ online pharmacy service.  Buy Sumatriptan tablets online in the UK with safe ordering and rapid dispatch.

What are the symptoms of a migraine?
The main symptom of a migraine is an intense headache often on one side of the head.  The pain is usually sufficiently severe to prevent the sufferer from doing any normal activity.  Sometimes the pain is more extensive and may affect both sides of the head and even the face and neck. 

Migraines are often accompanied by a feeling of nausea and some people will actually be sick.  Sensitivity to light can often be increased and lying down in a darkened room is usually the only option for many people until the migraine passes.

What is aura?
Aura is temporary warning signs that a migraine is looming – not everyone who suffers from migraines will experience aura.  Aura can involve several warnings including:

  • Visual disturbance – flashing lights, blind spots or seeing zigzag patterns
  • Numbness – tingling sensations like pins and needles which can often start in the hand or arm before moving up to the face
  • Dizziness – loss of balance
  • Slow speech – difficulty speaking

Sometimes aura will only be followed by a mild headache or no headache at all but most sufferers will take action if they experience aura and will assume they are about to have a migraine.

Migraine treatments
Sumatriptan is a management medication for migraines and cluster headaches, it cannot prevent a migraine but helps to manage the distressing symptoms.  Sumatriptan belongs to a group of medicines called Triptans or Serotonin Agonists.

Sumatriptan is one of the migraine treatments available online. It is taken once the migraine or cluster headache has started and tends to be prescribed to sufferers when usual painkillers and anti-inflammatories have not worked.  Sumatriptan comes in three different forms – tablets, nasal spray or injection – the tablets are used for migraines only whereas the nasal spray and injection can also be used to treat cluster headaches.

Sumatriptan tablets are easy to buy online. They work on the serotonin receptors found on the blood vessels in the brain and cause them to narrow.  This can help alleviate the migraine and ease other symptoms such as light sensitivity or feeling sick.

If you want to buy Sumatriptan tablets online in the UK or you are looking for other migraine treatments online then visit Pharmacy Planet’s comprehensive website You will need a prescription for Sumatriptan unless you have previously been diagnosed as suffering from migraines in which case we can dispense Sumatriptan without prescription.